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Psychology College - Essay Example

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Life is all about discovering and experiencing novel things. By providing us with the ability to think, taste, smell, touch, hear, see and speak etc, God has essentially given us the tools to explore life to its fullest. Our senses provide us with the ability to probe into the mysteries of life, delving into the secrets of the physical as well as the unchartered spiritual world.
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Psychology College Essay
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Download file to see previous pages The basic purpose of this paper was to simulate a situation where one had to deal with finding a solution to a problem without having certain cognitive brain functions at our disposal. Before moving on to the actual crux of the paper, I would like to mention a few salient points which will enable the reader to better understand my sentiments in regards to brain damage and neuropsychological problems.
The reason why I have such strong sentiments in this case is due to the fact that one of my cousins's suffered the same fate. At the age of 9, he was involved in a traumatic accident during which he sustained injuries to the head and brain. Although the doctors were able to save his life, he lost sight in his left eye, arm and legs. His brain functions were also permanently impaired. Before the accident, he was a bright boy with much promise of the future but the accident nearly destroyed him completely. It took him years of recovery to get to where he is now. Presently, he has adapted so well to his condition that he has completed high school, went on to complete a degree at his local community college and eventually ended up working as an animator. His dream is design an animated cartoon such as Shrek. The above paragraph will define the main crux of my paper for you. My belief is that no matter how badly impaired one might be the use of proper therapy and sheer will power can help you to adapt to your impairment.
In order to properly simulate the required situation, I had briefed my friend, Jessica, two days prior to our engagement so that she would be better prepared for the task at hand. Consequently, we locked ourselves in my room and accordingly, I had her write something down on a piece of paper which she then duly placed in her pocket and away from my prying eyes. Now the fact of the matter is that I've known Jessica since we were in pre-school so I was confident that I would be able to guess what she'd written. However, since we could not communicate in anyway posed quite a lot of problems which will be duly mentioned as this paper continues.
At first, Jessica made no attempt to help in anyway. Therefore, for the first 20 minutes I just sat there wondering what I had gotten myself into. My decision of providing Jessica with every detail of my project was turning out to be a bad one because she would try her hardest to beat me at it. However, I've always been stubborn and therefore I was not about to give up that easily. I knew without doubt that I would have to adopt a methodical approach towards finding a solution to the problem that lay before me and that was what I did. Before we had begun the exercise, Jessica and I had agreed upon a basic method of using a modified version of charades. Consequently, I started by pointing towards different things in the room and picking them up. On some objects she would nod while on others she would just shake her head.
Now it was my task to firstly figure out what sort of system she had conjured up in her mind and then to decode it in order to use it. I started off by writing down all the letters in the name of the object e.g. cushion, chair, pen etc. Now what I needed to figure out was which letters to use and which not to and in which order as well. One other possibility was also whether she had chosen a number ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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