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Where did I go wrong in life My independent life - Essay Example

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I was just 20 years old that time, yearning to be independent both financially and physically. I was in the look out for a job which will give me the much needed freedom in doing whatever I liked and be the master of myself. …
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Where did I go wrong in life My independent life
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Download file to see previous pages Life was too perfect and boring with no sense of adventure and excitement. Finally, my fervent application to numerous agencies bore fruit and my first joining letter came with an attractive pay cheque, with separate room rent. Informing my parents about my decision to move out to a separate apartment in the proximity of my office, I landed into a studio apartment. The feeling was one of elation and ecstasy, for there won't be anybody to check me litter the house, nor will my pa be here to switch off the music when I listen to it full blast. I can watch my favourite TV show, without having to battle over the remote with my brother. I am finally on my own and nobody can dictate me what to and what not to do.

With a feeling of euphoria, I started my independent life, which lacked discipline and a complete chaos prevailed at my apartment. I often reach home late and called friends over, partying away the entire night, and go to work the next day without sleeping a wink. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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