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Anesthesiology Assistant - Admission/Application Essay Example

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I have determined that I want to be an Anesthesiology Assistant and believe that Emory University will provide me with the best possible means to successfully achieve that objective; my purpose is to gain entry into Emory's program and fulfill my potential…
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Anesthesiology Assistant
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Download file to see previous pages As detailed below, I began my studies in an unrelated field of endeavor but have come to realize that it is time to adjust the direction of my life in a manner consistent with my natural proclivity to help others. Emory University's Anesthesiology Assistant program is a perfect fit for my personal and professional interests.
My undergraduate major was in Computer Information Systems, for which I received a Bachelor's degree. The original intent of this major was to develop and equip me with the appropriate skill set for the technology sector so that I could accomplish my personal goal of obtaining a lucrative career. Having come to the United States during the late 1990's, I was somewhat swept up in the tide of enthusiasm for this professional track and did not fully consider the consequence of prioritizing monetary gain over personal fulfillment; hence, the very change in my area of interest which prompts this application.
The reason I am pursuing a career as an Anesthesiology Assistant rather than continuing with graduate studies in Computer Information Systems is straightforward. I am simply not passionate about the technological field and, quite frankly, it was only my innate discipline and determination that caused me to complete my studies; once I start something, I finish it. In this case, however, my thoroughness left me with a degree in my hand but no fire in my soul. I was able to successfully interact with others and manage technical tasks, but I wasn't experiencing the personal fulfillment necessary to give real value to my life. As a result, I had very little fervor for what I was doing on a daily basis, and began to search for alternatives. When I considered a career in healthcare, and investigated the field of Anesthesiology Assistant specifically, I discovered the very enthusiasm I had been missing. My subsequent endeavors within this area, i.e., working as a healthcare volunteer and completing the pre-requisite courses in anticipation of this application, have proven to me that being an Anesthesiology Assistant is precisely what I want to do with my life. Interestingly, I can actually quantify the level of my interest in this field; my undergraduate academic record was average, but my GPA in the preparatory courses for this program have been as high as 4.0 and have resulted in my consistently being on the Dean's list. I came to the United States alone, with no parents or close family and have been unable to return home due to post-9/11 issues. The one thing that has kept me focused and motivated has been my commitment to my education. Regardless of whether my previous academic performance was diminished due to my youthfulness or difficult life circumstances, the point is that my intention to successfully complete the Anesthesiology Assistant program at Emory University has produced a demonstrably higher level of academic performance.
In terms of my specific expectations from a career as an Anesthesiology Assistant, I am able to distinguish several fundamental opportunities within the field, both professional and personal. I have already demonstrated a technical prowess over the past two years, and the methodological aspects of this field will fit that aspect of my personality very well. The key difference in applying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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