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Ethical Issues in International Business - Case Study Example

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In the case study under discussion, Keith is a very desirable candidate for a position in the financial planning department of a major company, but his public image on a computer site called Facebook does not match the reality of who he is. In today's global community, the Gold Coast universities in Australia offer educational opportunities for a broad spectrum of international students, and Keith as a Gold Coast student has made friends with fellow students from other countries…
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Ethical Issues in International Business
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Download file to see previous pages In a computer-driven age, Keith has not shown the foresight to see that his actions on Facebook could be used against him even though he more than qualifies for the position in Big Company, a multinational organization.
When Keith applied for a position in Big Company's financial planning department, he put himself under scrutiny because this company searches social network sites when evaluating prospective employees. The company lost clients when staff members acted inappropriately under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, Keith does not even get an interview with the company based on his image on Facebook. The reason given Keith when he asks why he has not been given an interview is that he lacks sufficient financial planning experience. He is not told the real reason and therefore has no opportunity to redeem himself (Schaffer 2006).
Determining the ethical issues raised in this situation is complicated. Keith apparently does not realize how damaging his presence on Facebook has been, and he unfortunately he has no legal recourse to challenge the decision.
The cost-benefit analysis places a dollar value on the benefits and ...
An individual should not have the power to make a decision without contacting other members of the organization as well as stockholders and Board of Directors. A commitment to human rights has become a major focus in the 21st century, with multinational companies (MNCs) attempting to generate an ethical approach theory inside and outside the organization (Ethical Issues n.d.). Even though so far there are no globally accepted legal or ethical standards for business operations and activities, certain human rights must be considered regardless of cultural standards (Schaffer 2006, 44). According to Schaffer, conomic aspects of globalization must also include social and ethical dimensions(64). There is, therefore, a growing link between social responsibility and profitability, and in MNCs, decisions should not be made based on the understanding of one person. In the case study under discussion, it appears that the HR Director made his own arbitrary decision not to interview Keith.
Ethical Issues
When two sets of standards exist, it is sometimes unethical to apply the lesser set. International companies are faced with ethical choices that do not exist in a national company in which ethics follow the policy of the country in which it is located. Some third-world companies, for instance, have lower standards than the United States. If the lower standards harm people or environment, it would be unethical for MNCs to use lesser standards. Bad ethical practices are more apparent in today's global economy (Schaffer 2006).
Some of the ethical human rights issues arising from internal and industry practices are lack of concern for customers, lack of loyalty to employees, and unfair employment practices (Executive Team n.d.) as well as privacy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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