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Ideas and Religious Belief - Essay Example

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Ideas are what we believe in to be able to work our path through life with. The steps we take could be strides or little paces which ensure our ongoing understanding of the world and the history of our culture through the understanding and realizing of our ideas and notions of what the world should be about and for and by which we live and endure when time gets harsh on us assuring ourselves that by and with our own ideas of democracy,society,dictatorship or whatsoever idea we earn through experiences and weigh a great load on ourselves to work for and create and institute inside our societies and our living dimensions we find that we deserve as a nation what we ensure and ensue ourselves to …
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Ideas and Religious Belief
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Download file to see previous pages What if religion confuses political power with the will of God which many preachers and men of church say we have to abide to to maintain the state of which God wants on earth,in England,to match the Elizabethan age's understanding of the ladder of being or the chain of being and how it occupies what the world in God's eyes should be like and be used to by people
This idea is occupied in all cultures politically and has been an arguable discussion for people throughout the nations. Should the political powers be religious and under the church's supervision or should be secularthis rises with another fundamental question:should people accept the facts stated to them in a democratic country or should they accept the facts given them as forceful manner of living which they could and could not accept whether it is involving their union with the power's opinions of what is supposed to be in the state or should it be forced and the state of the country be 'the democracy of discussion and the dictatorship of opinion'in other words,should people when getting involved in elections and understanding the stated means of ideas by the intellect get involved or should their ideas be seen as a restricted form of understanding which does not elevate to those who are in power's understanding of the future of the country and state and what it carries from understandings for th people's welfare and what they see to be what everyone in the state wants for the nation (depending on who is stating what the 'nation' means and who 'everyone stating it 'is)
A nation (nationa) is understood to be a group of disobedient or the least intellectual groups of people to govern in a state or country which are better known and notioned as those 'governed',since they least 'care','understand','have intellect' to be able to take a role in forming the understandings and the formulae of which the nation takes to progress forwards. Then who takes this form of understanding up and deduces and induces the laws
In religions it is God and His propehst. In secular states it is the intellect of the mos intellectual. These people understand and under-0estimate what could be frivolous being in a better state of affairs and understanding and education being exposed to the highest and best types of education around the world which ensure a decent growing up of morals and understandings which inform the rest of the populated country's people how things should be working in a 'civilized' manner. This understanding forms the wake of the nation and the differences between the 'plates' of the 'grounds of understanding the ways and means of living' which the nation's youth and grown ups fight to obtain for various reasons.
If this is true,the chain of being then has to be a way of controlling the world and understanding the frame of thinking that puts philosophers and political people on the top or middle of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ideas and Religious Belief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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