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Dixie Industries Womens Group - Case Study Example

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Dixie Industries, Inc has recently faced accusations from an ad hoc committee of female employees “of a continuing pervasive bias in promotions in favor of men”…
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Dixie Industries Womens Group
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Extract of sample "Dixie Industries Womens Group"

Download file to see previous pages Dixie Industries, Inc has recently faced accusations from an ad hoc committee
of female employees “of a continuing pervasive bias in promotions in favor of
men”. The spokes person for this woman’s group Mrs. Linda S. Feldman, has
written to the President of Dixie Industries to explain to him their concerns of
their future promotional opportunities within Dixie Industries due to the
company’s promotional practices. She has demanded a response from the
President and the Executive Committee. The main problems faced by Dixie
Industries and in need of addressing immediately, in this situation are; job
action, the group could instigate a slow down, walk out or some other job
action which will affect negatively the company’s ability to respond to
customer orders and remain competitive; unionization; productivity, any job
action would slow down productivity of the company which has already been
below industry standards for the past year; publicity, exposure of these
allegations would hurt the image of the company within the local
community which would drive the stock prices down....
motivation. This in turn would affect the productivity and turn over of the
company. The group may also seek community support by publicizing the
issue through the media.
Alternative 2 Dixie Industries could invite Mrs. Feldman and the women's group to meet
with the President and Executive Committee of the Company. At this meeting
the President's views of providing definite equal opportunities for males and
females given the possession of the necessary qualifications for any given
designation could be explained and stressed to the group. Having identified
and specified the groups main concerns, the DI leadership could appoint a
committee to look closely into these concerns together with the procedure and
results of the study done on this subject by the women's group. The DI
Committee could conduct their own study and compile results from that
which could be compared with the study and results of the women's group.
At the end of this process, both the Committee and the group could evaluate
the best possible actions to be taken for the betterment of the Company and
the employees.
Recommendation I would definitely recommend the second alternative. By approaching the
problem in this way, Dixie Industries would;
Avoid antagonizing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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