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Nursing EBP Clinical Protocol & Pilot Study - Essay Example

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The objective of this protocol is to provide the most up-to-date recommendations available based on the literature and research presently being done (Morris, 2005). Though there is still some controversy on the subject, there is strong evidence for the use of CPM for post-operative care…
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Nursing EBP Clinical Protocol & Pilot Study
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Extract of sample "Nursing EBP Clinical Protocol & Pilot Study"

Download file to see previous pages 2002). All but one study did show a reduction in length of stay and increased range of motion for patients that used CPM short term.
A pilot study will be initiated to test the following protocol which is written based on the evidence from literature review. These results will be reported and that report will help initiate and evidence based protocol for full time use. Permission will be sought from those involved as well as senior staff and physicians.
The goal of the protocol would be to use CPM for initial knee flexion but to increase PT rapidly, decreasing use of CPM as research shows that CMP only has a short term advantage and PT has a long term advantage.
The aim of the pilot study is to test the protocol that is recommended at this time to assure that it works well and produces good quality results for the patient as well as a reduction in the patients length of stay. At the same time, documentation recommendations as well as pain tolerance and post op bleeding will be analyzed.
The pilot study will be carried out on the orthopedic floor. This will be discussed first with the orthopedic surgeons and then with the nursing management at the hospital that is responsible for this floor (Vincent & Chapman 2000).. Once the evidence base is explained and it is cleared, patients will be permitted as needed for the pilot, assuring that they understand the new protocol. Nurses on the floor will be educated and ten patients will be chosen for the pilot. Those patients will need to be post operative knee with the need for CPM use and as few other co-morbidities as possible. For example, we do not want to include someone that is prone to infection because the likelihood is that the infection would skew the data collected.
The results of the pilot will be studied to assure that there is improvement in cost, quality and length of stay. The evaluation of the pilot will include physicians, nurses, and nurse administrator. A positive result will mean permanent change of the protocol.
Bruun-Olsen, V., Heiberg, K. & Mengshoel, A. (2009). Continuous passive motion as an adjunct to active exercises in early rehabilitation following total knee arthroplasty. Disability and Rehabilitation. 31(4). 277-283. Retrieved from Academic Search Primer. Accession # 35702360.
Davies, D., Johnston, W., Beupre, L. (2003). Effect of adjunctive range of motion therapy after primary total knee arthroplasty on the use of health services after hospital discharge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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