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Coping With Pain: A Daunting Endeavor Post-Operatively - Essay Example

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Coping With Pain. One common definition states that pain is whatever the experiencing person says it is, existing when he says it does. Pain is not only an unpleasant or uncomfortable sensation that occurs as a result of injury, strain or disease, it can also be an emotional experience unrelated to tissue damage…
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Coping With Pain: A Daunting Endeavor Post-Operatively
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Download file to see previous pages Pain is an extremely unlikeable and exceptionally delicate feeling which cannot be conveyed with other individuals. It can dwell in a person’s psyche, command every action, and transform someone’s being. In spite of this, pain is an arduous view for a client to impart. A nurse is incapable of neither experiencing nor perceiving a patient’s pain.
The study undertaken is aimed to explore and present the physiology and nature of and the different methods of coping with pain.

Physiology of Pain
The Gate Control Theory of pain proposes that pain impulses must pass through a theoretical gate at the dorsal horn of the spinal cord before ascending towards the brain (Nair 2009). Pain messages from the A-delta and C fibres will push open the gate; however, the A-beta fibres and the descending pain pathway will push the gate closed (Nair 2009). The intensity of an individual’s pain, therefore is determined by a balance between noxious stimuli and A-beta fibre or descending brain activity; the wider the gate is open the more intense the pain, however, if the gate closes the pain ceases (Nair 2009).

Nature of Pain
Even though pain is a collective and unanimous experience, its precise nature lingers to be an ambiguity. It is recognized that pain is vastly prejudiced and personal and that it is one of the body’s defense mechanisms that implies a problem (Kozier et al 2004). Hargrove-Huttel (2005) stressed that pain exists wherever and whenever a client says it does. In addition, it may sometimes broaden to encompass emotional hurt. Pain is also a valuable diagnostic indicator; it usually indicates tissue damage or pathology (Hargrove-Huttel 2005). Basic to the said definitions is the care provider’s willingness to believe that the client is experiencing pain and that the client is the real authority on that pain (Kozier et al 2004). Every individual suffer pain in a unique way. Moreover, the disparities in individual pain discernment and response, as well as the many origins and etiology of pain, give the nurse a complicated post when elaborating a plan to alleviate pain and provide ease and relief. Effective and efficient pain management is a vital component of nursing care. Pain is more than an indicator of a predicament; it is a pressing dilemma in itself. Pain raises both physiologic and psychological perils to wellbeing and healing. Grave pain is deemed as an urgent crisis warranting full concentration and immediate action. Pain is a common experience post-operatively and due to its subjective character; it necessitates understanding and utmost care from the nurses especially when dealing with level 2 patients or those patients entailing high dependency care. The said patients do not require admission in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU); however, careful monitoring is required from the nurses for several hours. An example of this is Patient X who is a 65-year old patient with bowel obstruction experiencing severe pain and needs to undergo an immediate bowel resection procedure, considering his age as a high risk factor compelled that post-operatively, this client be monitored in a High Dependency Unit (HDU). Few hours after bowel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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