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Business Process Management: Value Chain In Business Operations - Essay Example

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An essay "Business Process Management: Value Chain In Business Operations" reports that the Support activities in an organization that increases the added value of the product are; Organizational Infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology development, and Procurement…
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Business Process Management: Value Chain In Business Operations
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Download file to see previous pages These nine operations of the value chain play an important role in making the product more valuable in terms of utility and the profit. Inbound logistics: This process consists of receiving, storing of raw materials, and distribution of the raw materials to the various operations of production. This involves the inventory maintenance, transportation scheduling and return of the defective parts back to the suppliers. Operations: This process includes the various activities that transform the raw materials or unfinished products into final products. This area involves processing the raw materials through machines, equipment maintenance, testing of machines. Outbound logistics: This process involves the distribution of the finished products to dealers, distributors and to the warehouses. The entire process of delivering the finished goods to the end customers is handled under this operation. Warehousing, material handling, delivery operation, processing of the order and scheduling the delivery transportation is taken care of under this operation. Marketing and Sales: This process deals with the sales and marketing of the finished product. Functional areas like an advertisement, promotion, stationing of the sales force, channel selection and pricing. Services: These operations include the after sales services like repair and maintenance. Functions repair, training, part supply, and production adjustments. These services play an essential role in increasing the value of the product....
Services: These operations include the after sales services like repair and maintenance. Functions like installation, repair, training, part supply and production adjustments. These services play an essential role in increasing the value of the product. The Support Activities- Firm Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the organization adds immense value to the product. The kind of facility available at the organization increases the value of the product. A general firm infrastructure is represented by the general management, planning and finance department, the legal department. These departments ensure smooth functioning of the entire production process. Human Resources Management: this operation regulates the recruiting and training of the employees. Human resource is the backbone of any organization. Managing the issues related to the employees such as benefits and compensation. Cost of hiring and training the employees and most importantly assigning the right job to the right person add a lot value to the product. Technology Development: An organization’s most important initiative in being effective and innovative is the stress given on technology development. Having the most efficient technology ensures fast and cost effective production. The quality of the product also increases with incorporation of latest technology. Procurement: Procurement deals with the function of purchasing materials for further processing. A cost effective and quality effective procurement ensure the cost and quality effectiveness of the finished product. When these nine basic yet essential operations are run efficiently by the organization the Value is added to the product. The end product ends up being cost effective yet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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