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Solar pumping - Essay Example

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Solar pumping

Extract of sample "Solar pumping"

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(Solar Pumping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Solar Pumping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Solar Pumping Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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Solar energy

... Solar Energy Introduction This paper defines solar energy and gives a brief background concerning the ancient use of the solar energy. It also discusses the roles of solar energy and its application for animals and plants, as well as its challenges, constraints and opportunities in the world. It discusses the facts and application of Tucson solar energy as well. The nations of world have adopted various policies to extract opportunity from the solar source for the benefit of their citizens. Solar energy usage is diverse as it can be utilized for solar water radiator, solar thermal electricity, as well as solar cells. Solar energy is the power that is produced directly by the sun and collected somewhere else, mostly on the Earth. The sun...
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... Solar Energy Solar energy, which is energy that is derived directly from sunlight, is the most common source of renewable power in use today. Solar energy is a welcome solution to the environmental degradation that is caused by the use of fossil fuels. Solar energy is captured by means of solar panels which normally vary in size and voltage. These panels are composed of unique cells which capture solar energy which is then used or stored in other devices for later use (Benduhn 4). Pros and Cons of Solar Energy There are many advantages that come with the use of solar energy. Apart from being a clean source of energy it is also infinite. This means that there is no limit to the amount of solar energy that can be captures since the energy...
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...Pumping Iron in Saudi Arabia Outline I. Gym location II. Equipments in the gymnasium III. Comparison between western and Saudi gymnasiums IV. Religious issues V. Contests VI. Gender issues This article gives a description of 10th Gym, which is located in Saudi Arabia. I found this article interesting because it touches on some of the critical issues that are involved in gym industry in Saudi Arabia. It has clearly covered religious as well as gender issues involved. This article represents a personal narrative where the author got an opportunity to compete in arm wrestle with a gymnasium manager who was a professional weight lifter. The author wants to reveal the opportunities that are there in this particular gym. The attendants...
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...Solar cells Introduction Energy crisis is going to be the biggest problem people all over the world may face in future. Increased use of automobiles and the huge development of industries are causing big demand for energy. Scientific principles or the energy conservation theory say that the total amount of energy in this universe remains a constant. Moreover, energy can neither be created and nor be destroyed even though it is possible to convert energy from one form to another. It is assumed that the total oil energy sources available in this world are sufficient enough to meet the energy demands only for thirty or forty years more. Most of the energy sources we are using at present are nonrenewable in nature. Fossil fuel energy...
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...Solar Energy; Sandikahlo, Nepal Implementation Plan As detailed in the previous sections, the aim of the project is to provide energy solutions to 150 houses in Sandikohla village, Nepal. The electricity from the solar panels will go a long way in enhancing and improve the quality of life for the residents. The project will reduce costs spent on buying candles and flashlight batteries while students will get the opportunity to read at night. Source:
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...Groundwater Pumping al Affiliation) Ground water is a major source of water in many dry areas as well as in rural settings (WHO, n.d). Groundwater pumping provides about 60 % of fresh water in California (Weiser, 2014). Subject to the excessive groundwater pumping, California faces the challenge of curbing ground water depletion and managing groundwater pumping for the future, for purposes of sustainability and resiliency (Blanco, 2012). The water-pricing scheme that entails a fee-based approach to control groundwater depletion will define how to manage groundwater pumping in California (Nelson, 2012). The signing of three bills regulating groundwater pumping in California will promote the management of groundwater since they adopt a fee...
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... Assignment Solar Energy Contents P Introduction 2. Advantages and disadvantages of the system 2 3. Solar collection 6 4. Solarcollector types 11 5. Case study 14 6. Conclusion 17 7. References 18 1. Introduction Solar energy is one of the most significant renewable energies. It is environment friendly and no green house emissions. Solar energy can be transformed to be utilized for diverse purposes that require energy. In order to enhance the efficiency of the solar energy harvesting systems, researchers have been consistently trying to develop and design the technologies to effectively convert the energy into some usable form like converting it to electrical current with the use of solar panels. The most reliable method...
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Solar Energy as the Answer to the Energy Crisis

The sun’s energy has been used by humans since the dawn of history for different purposes. Ancient people of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and Greece considered the sun to be a god. The sun was also considered to be a deity by Zoroastrians, the Druids, the Buddhists and many native American tribes To warm, to dry, to live, solar energy has been used in many ways throughout human existence, The caveman used the heat of the sun to keep himself warm, and the twenty-first-century man also uses solar energy, whether it is in the form of coal or electric fire, for the same purpose. Clothes are dried, salt is made and food is cooked using solar energy. Plants use solar energy efficiently to manufacture food, and animals eat plants. Th...
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...SOLAR Financial Analysis Sources of Information In conducting the analysis of Solar we used major manufacturers of photovoltaic systems tocalculate the industry’s trends and averages. We acquired financial information from financial research web sites including Yahoo Finance,, and Value Line. The financial information on these websites includes estimates and recommendations made by financial analysts. A. Evergreen Solar Inc. Evergreen Solar is a relatively new company, having been founded in 1994. They specialize in manufacturing solar cells. They are based in the United States and Germany, but they have plans to expand their operations into Asia. The estimates indicate strong sales growth over the next five years. Yahoo...
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Dye-Sentitised Solar Cells

Energy is the basic need of all economies, whether developed or developing. For the past two centuries electricity requirements have been provided mostly by fossil fuels, which have two basic limitations: being non-renewable and environmentally damaging. Considering the ever-increasing demand for electricity that is expected to peak in the coming years1 it has become imperative to explore alternative sources of energy which are not only renewable but also eco-friendly. Of these, the use of solar energy has been found to be practical and viable. The solar energy available to Earth is 3×1024 J/year, which is 104 times of present global energy requirements.2 Hence, devices to enable capture and conversion of solar energy into e...
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The Main Reasons to Adopt Solar Energy

...Audience: A group of citizens Topic: Solar Energy Overview: Sunlight is a critical provider of energy through various harnessing technologies. Whereas it presents numerous benefits to citizens, it also has limitations that could deter full realization of the benefits. Leveraging on government efforts to make the technology accessible, citizens could greatly benefit from the technology should proper maintenance practices of the solar panels be observed. Executive Summary The use of sun as a source of energy for various purposes has been in existence for a long time. Targeting the general citizens, this paper borrows from secondary sources to enlighten on the technologies used to harness solar energy, specifically considering photovoltaic...
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Solar Energy Made Economical

... Solar Energy: Economical for the Environment Solar energy is energy coming from the sun used as fuel to generate electricity. Solar energy is a renewable energy since the sun’s rays is unlimited. The sun is inexhaustible and absolutely free. The heat and light coming from the sun are good sources for power that promises environmental advantages, economical solutions for power generations, and sustainable sources for very long time. The world is growing more industrialized as time goes by. Thus, there is a projected higher need of energy and power to run all the industries and businesses. The world has been relying on fossil fuels dominantly for a long time. However, it can not provide energy forever. The supply of oil and gas can...
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The Benefits, Costs, Savings and Maintenance of Solar Electricity

...Table of Contents Table of Contents The Benefits of Solar Electri 2 How do Solar Panel (PV) Cells Work? 4 Costs, Savings and Maintenance 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 Solar Energy The world has been struggling with a power crisis and owing to this many individuals are looking for ways to rise above this issue (DeGunther, 2011:4). The major way to overcome this problem is opting for the use of alternative sources of energy. Alternative sources of energy are renewable sources of energy that are clean and free. Solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is used in generating electricity and can be used for providing power in businesses and homes. However, the use of solar power in buildings is a relatively new concept...
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The Potential of Solar Energy

... Solar energy has become one of the best alternative sources of energy, alongside other renewable sources including wind, geothermal, and bioenergy. This study set out to establish the prospects of solar energy as a future energy source. Various studies were evaluated and assessed in order to establish and meet the objectives of the study. This study was carried out as a mixed-methods study including 50 respondents who can provide a viable opinion and perception of solar energy as a future energy resource. Based on the results, the authors indicated that solar energy provides favorable perspectives in energy use. It can also ensure improved sustainability for the environment and the power system. This study concludes that solar...
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Solar Heating

...SOLAR HEATING Email: INTRODUCTION Mitsuo (1997, 63) holds that active solar heating applies solar energy to heat fluids. It transfers the solar heat to the interior space directly. It also transfers the same to a storage system for future consumption. Back-up systems as well as auxiliary systems offer traditional heat moments when the solar system does not give enough space for heating. Under storage devices, liquid systems apply and do well considering the radiant heating systems. Other instruments include boilers that have radiators for hot water. They add to coolers and absorption heat pumps. Forced air systems accept both air and liquid systems as supplements. Schiller Consulting, (2007, 21) on the other hand covers liquid-based solar...
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Innovation in Concentrated Solar Power

The study also focuses on concentrating solar power generation since it is the supreme renewable energy source globally.
According to [2], Solar energy technologies are classified into: i) Passive and active; ii) Thermal and photovoltaic; and iii) Concentrating and non-concentrating. Passive solar energy technology simply gathers the energy without changing the light or heat into other forms. It entails maximizing the daylight use or heat through the designs of building. Active solar energy technology on the other hand refers to the collecting of solar energy for storage or conversion for other applications. This can be classified as solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV). The PV technology changes radiant energy in light quant...
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Grupo Calientes Solar Energy Strategy

...Grupo Caliente’s Solar Energy Strategy Executive summary Due to its unique geographical location and climate conditions, Mexico is one of the countries with the largest solar irradiation indexes worldwide. This unique climate privilege enables the country to switch to alternative source of energy, contributing thus to more sustainable economic development and cleaner environment. As one of the proposed environmental initiatives, it is offered to install solar panels in one of the Mexico-based companies, Grupo Caliente. The project will aim to deliver positive environmental and economic impact. More specifically, it is planned that installation and use of solar panels in all facilities of the company will enable it to produce approximately...
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