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Poverty in Canada - Research Proposal Example

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Poverty in Canada" is the topic chosen by me to construct the heath and wellness issues prevailing in Canada and present the ever increasing problem of poverty both from personal as well as societal aspect. This will increase my awareness towards the basic causes behind such massive problems within Canada as well as internationally…
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Poverty in Canada
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Extract of sample "Poverty in Canada"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the Canadians dwelling in the prosperous cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are very proud of their wealth and business opportunities. But this is not the real case projected, as it has been noticed that it is amongst such prospering and flourishing communities where the staggering amounts of poverty exists. New learnings show that Canada's urban areas are facing a rise in the problems as homelessness, drug abuse, child poverty, unaffordable basic day to day needs etc.
The phenomenon of poverty is always interrelated to political, social and cultural dimensions. But the most important missing point is the lack of government income supports. The evidences of this can be seen in the efforts of World Vision Canada, "taking steps to put global poverty on the Canadian federal election agenda". (1)
The two objectives are the main concern of the upcoming elections in Canada, to be put by the organization. The first is that the government of Canada must make concrete investments in combating child morality. And another one is that the government should increase the Overseas Development Assistance to 0.7% of the Gross National Income, as promised previously. These are the clear evidences of the prevailing problem of poverty in Canada.
The truth is that the total eradication of poverty requires "not only the political action but also the deeper social, economic and cultural transformation". (2). Similar is the call for self-responsibility. My project explores the dimensions of poverty in Canada, response to poverty including policy change as well as societal transformation. It also includes the missing as well as prevalent resources and the access to them.
(2) Ending Poverty in Canada. Economic Justice Report. Volume 4, Number 2. June 2005.

It has been rightly stated in 'Evangelical Fellowship of Canada' that, "No matter what our social places or tasks, individuals and groups can address poverty. For example, journalists can report on the causes, extent and solutions for poverty; business people can address employment issues; schools and teachers can help address poverty and learning. Whatever the unique task of each institution, however, all can aim to sustain life, reverse the cycle of poverty, and help prevent further poverty."


Before any of the research work conducted by me there were a few assumptions in mind regarding the issue of poverty in Canada. The first assumption was that I thought that the poverty cropped in the small cities of Canada as the big ones as Vancouver and Montreal seemed quite flourishing and advanced having great wealth. But as per my research, it has been noted that many of the people are left behind while the rich keep accumulating the wealth. And the poverty is "increased throughout" and "more so in metropolitan areas" which constitutes a more serious problem. (3)
(3) Lee. Kevin K. Urban Poverty in Canada: A statistical Profile. Chapter 6.April 2000.

My second assumption was about the active participation of the government on the issue of pove ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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