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Health Policy and Health Care Reform - Essay Example

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The researcher of this descriptive essay mostly focuses on the discussion of the topic of Health Policy and Health Care Reform and analyzing the issue of the main problem with the system - the fact that it has proven hard to be reformed by the introduction…
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Health Policy and Health Care Reform
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Extract of sample "Health Policy and Health Care Reform"

Download file to see previous pages Compared to US, Canada has healthcare that reaches wider coverage, it is known as single-payer system. The main difference between this system and America’s is how Canada healthcare is funded. Unlike US, where citizens pay their medical expenses through insurance, Canada pays for its citizens (Jime?nez-Rubio, 380). They manage to do this by collecting taxes, going through negotiations with health care providers, and as a result, coming into an agreement on charges and then disbursing the amount centrally. Moreover, patients are not charged for essential health care, and only a small fee is charged for some few pharmaceuticals. Just like in the US hospitals, there are either public or privately owned, and people have a choice, to purchase private insurance, however, the larger population utilizes the public system. Unlike in the US where an immense part of the population would like reforms on heath care system, only a few would like reforms in Canadian health care system, implying that the Canadian system is effective. Physicians in Canada receive their payments from a central source, and do not have to follow a long process of whether their patients have insurance coverage like in US. In addition, Canadian hospitals do not have to deal with issues that accompany treating a patient covered by a certain insurance company, which means that they do not have to file claims like Americans do in order to receive healthcare services. The main reason why Americans prefer to be covered privately on their medical expenses is frustrations they experience with Medicaid and Medicare (Roehr, 1). Most people registered under Medicare find the process of reimbursement complicated, and time consuming,...
The author of the essay "Health Policy and Health Care Reform" thinks that US healthcare has been known to be expensive and does not cover the whole population. The main problem with the system is the fact that it has proven hard to be reformed by the introduction. Many people who have tried to resolve this issue assume that a system that works in another country can also be used in the US, and others still try to implement small changes forgetting that US citizens have different health challenges and require a system that works for them. Thus, taking a system that works in another country and trying to implement it in US is a total ignorance of the Americans fundamental political, legal and social realities. Most of the proposed reforms of the US healthcare bill focus on ideologies and financing wider coverage. However, through comparison with countries like Canada and UK which have better functioning healthcare systems US can learn efficient means of implementing an effective healthcare system. In conclusion the author mentions that health economists in America have for a long time advised that it is necessary for patients to pay a small portion of their medical bills, so that cost containment can be encouraged. A patient paying a small part of the medical charges makes him or her conscious on how he or she uses medical care, and takes care of his/her body or health. However, from experiences of UK and Canada it is clear that cost sharing should not be significant to control medical inflation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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