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Research Training Programme Project - Essay Example

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Some areas of the questionnaire have proved to be less useful than others, and these areas have been put aside to allow us to concentrate upon the main body of work. Age, for example, has not provided us with either a significant divergence, nor a stable enough base to be able to make comparisons…
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Research Training Programme Project
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Download file to see previous pages Future analysis of this panel could be effected by correcting the mistake. Additionally, only two years of the four year programme was utilized, as the other two years could not provide an adequate percentage of the data.
The importance of this data cleaning should be considered when the final results are analysed. Cleaning is a judgmental process which sometimes removes items which are of great importance to those providing the data. Only by repeating the data collection can any factors which occur again and again be noticed.
This paper is based upon research done by Loughborough University as part of a review of the Business School's Training Programme. This research was conducted over a number of weeks at the beginning of 2006, and a survey was conducted amongst former students, questioning them about their experiences and opinions of the course. The intention of the questionnaire was to discover whether the students had benefited from the course, and whether they felt that the teaching was adequate. As this was a group working, there were a number of meetings throughout the weeks to try and ensure co-operation and agreement amongst all the members. After a series of meetings and interviews in January, the questionnaire was sent out to students in March, and received back in April. This data was then input into a SPSS program, from which the results in this paper are taken.
At the design meetin...
From these results we will need to conduct an analysis to try and find some significant results.

Why that use of design
The questionnaire that was sent to the students was divided into five sections, each dealing with a different topic. In the first section, for example, the questions concerned the personal details of the student, age, nationality and so on. In the second section, we asked them about the relevance of certain topics to their research. The third topic concerned the usefulness of the training programme; the fourth dealt with improvements to the student's relationships, and the fifth and final section asked the students to rate their satisfaction with the course.
The design of this questionnaire was to enable us to demonstrate whether the training programme met the students' requirements, whether it improved their interpersonal relationships, and whether they felt the course had proved satisfactory. The first section allowed the students to be readily quantified and compared, which can prove useful when considering results, the other sections concentrate upon the courses, and the benefits and satisfaction the students felt that they had gained. .
Other aspects of these results may become significant when we are comparing the results via SPSS. As the aim of this project is to improve the teaching of business courses at Loughborough, then consideration of the benefits to the students, and the improvements in their relationships, must be included while analyzing their satisfaction.

The analysis of this questionnaire was conducted using the SPSS system of statistic management. This programme provides the analyst ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Training Programme Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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