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In today's world the computer is the most important means of problem free existence. Over the years we have been using it to make our work less strenuous. The computer scientists have the capability to take the world in their stride and create an environment, which is beneficial, to all…
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Computer Science: Professional Ethics Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately people most related to it i.e. the computer professionals have started misusing this excellent media. The problem is accelerating at huge pace and has become a matter of concern for organizations all over the world.
I have a friend who works in a BPO (Business Process Outsource) organization in India as a top-level computer scientist. He is working indirectly for a bank situated in U.S. as this bank out sources its back office work to other countries. Through my friend's emails I came to know that India is the most popular country for outsourcing work from the developed countries. The reason is that the companies get cheap labor there when compared to countries like U.S or U.K. So most of the companies located in these countries are transferring their backend process to India to reduce their operating expenses. Hence India has become the back office of the world.
Of late there have been many incidents that have threatened the reputation of the BPO industry workers there. Due to the mistake of a few computer professionals, the entire BPO clan is being looked with suspicion. According to my friend an incident that took place a couple of months ago in his organization, became the focal point for everybody's attention.
One of my friend's colleagues used to deal with the credit cards of people situated in different parts of the world. He was not new in the organization and had gradually earned trust from all. His crime was that - he copied all information of credit cards of thousands of customers on a removable storage media and passed on this important data to wrong hands. Naturally he earned a lot of money by doing this. The customers of the bank smelled the rat and complained about the illegal transfer of their money and misuse of their personal information. That bank immediately caught hold of this outsourcing organization of India. A major investigation was ordered at once and shortly after that the magnitude of the crime and the person behind it was made obvious to all. The person responsible for this tried to escape but was taken under police custody. He confessed that he was planning this for a long time and money was the only motive behind his criminal act.
The bank that had outsourced the job to this particular organization of India severed all ties. The whole outsource community at large started seeing India as untrustable. Thankappan and Kamath has rightly stated, "It would be safe to say that the biggest challenge the BPO segment faces today is information security, as much of the backlash against outsourcing revolves around security." (2004. p 29)
Since that incident the BPO organizations have tried hard to put back the image of India in its appropriate place. They have ensured all their business partners abroad, that they have adopted severe security measures in terms of policies, procedures and technology to bounce back their image. If we look from the ethical point of view we find that professional ethics or the principles of conduct that was required to be followed by that professional as a computer scientist or engineer was overlooked by him completely. So as we can see there was a major ethical problem behind this incident.
The culprit had the responsibility towards the following people or in other words the stakeholders of the organization he was working in:
Public at large
But he ignored all that. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer Science: Professional Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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