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The study of intelligence has gone through a major shift since the beginning of the 1900s until today. Charles Spearman's study of the source of intelligence in the human mind was used as a model for testing and assessment since his early publications beginning in 1904…
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Download file to see previous pages An examination of both theorists' work reveals some of the underpinnings of thought while highlighting the difficulty psychology has in defining, measuring, and isolating the factors that make up intelligence.
Spearman and Gardner both believed that intelligence could be quantified. Spearman used a model that incorporated two centers of intelligence, the g (general) and the s (specific) factors (RiChard, n.d.). He contended that the g-factor was overriding and there was a correlation between general intelligence and all other areas. Gardner, however, believed that the specific factors that make up intelligence were independent and that you could be good at math while having no linguistic abilities. Gardner has identified at least 7 separate and autonomous centers of intelligence (Intelligence and personality assessment, n.d.). He grouped these factors into categories called the multiple intelligences which include musical, verbal, and personal intelligence.
Spearman believed that since the g-factor was present in every task, we could measure intelligence with a single test. His work instituted the general IQ test as a standard for measurement and assessment. However, Gardner believes that there is not one test to measure intelligence and that all areas must be tested separately. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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