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Current issues in advertising - Essay Example

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ex in advertiing, the ue of exual information in mediated promotional meage, ha maintained a preence ince advertiing' beginning. Early on, wood carving and illutration of attractive women (often unclothed from the wait up) adorned poter, ign, and ad for aloon, tonic, and tobacco…
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Current issues in advertising
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Download file to see previous pages Woodbury' Facial oap, a woman' beauty bar, wa almot dicontinued in 1910. The oap' ale decline wa revered, however, with ad containing image of romantic couple and promie of love and intimacy for thoe uing the brand. Jovan Muk Oil, introduced in 1971, wa promoted with exual entendre and decription of the fragrance' exual attraction propertie. A a reult, Jovan, Inc.' revenue grew from $1.5 million in 1971 to $77 million by 1978 (Del, 66-111)
In contemporary maintream conumer advertiing (e.g., magazine, network and cable televiion), ex i preent in promotional meage for a wide range of branded good. Ad feature provocative image of well-defined women (and men) in revealing outfit and poture elling clothing, alcohol, beauty product, and fragrance. Advertier uch a Calvin Klein, Victoria' ecret, and Pepi ue thee image to cultivate a ubiquitou ex-tinged media preence. Alo, exual information i ued to promote maintream product not traditionally aociated with ex. For example, the Dalla Opera recently revered declining eaon ticket ale by marketing the more laciviou part of it performance. A a reult of it exual promotion trategy, eaon ticket package old out fater than ever before . (Del, 66-111)
ince the 1960, reearcher uing ocial cience method have attempted to undertand the role of ex in advertiing for elling brand. pecifically, they have attempted to undertand exactly how exual content influence the advertiing communication proce. In thi article, I organize thi body of reearch by firt defining and decribing common type of exual content examined by invetigator, and then by reviewing major approache in pertinent effect reearch. Finally, I et forth area for future reearch that can enhance the congruence between exual appeal reearch with advertiing practice. Thee area include further analyi of ex-related appeal in ad, examining whether and how exual content can influence brand perception, and the utility of including peronality variable (e.g., erotophobia/philia) in future tudie. Thi review i limited to United tate-baed reearch becaue the bulk of ex in advertiing reearch conit of U.. media content and population ample. Included in the review i illutrative content analyi reearch, a well a an exhautive collection of effect tudie. (Del, 66-111)

AA- Rule & Regulation
The Advertiing tandard Authority (AA) Annual Report 2007, publihed today, reveal that a record number of advertiement (2,458) were changed or withdrawn lat year. The number of advertiement complained about reached an all-time high of 14,080 - an increae of 9.6% on the year before. The total number of complaint received wa 24,192 - an increae of 7.9% on 2006.
The public' main concern about advertiing in 2007 are illutrated by the Report' lit of the Top 10 mot complained about ad. The depiction of violence, ex and race all generated high number of complaint (ee Top 10 lit in the report). The AA alo dealt with record number of complaint about environmental claim a advertier increaingly ought to promote their 'green' credential. (Del, 66-111)
TV wa by far the mot complained about medium, generating 9,915 complaint. ignificantly, internet advertiing wa the mot complained about non-broadcat medium and the econd mot complained about medium overall. A total of 2,980 complaint were received about internet advertiing, 2,144 of which related to the content of webite and a uch were outide the AA' remit. The mot common iue raied by the public about internet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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