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Due to the fact that the cost of living has increased, I have to do my best and work overtime to cope up. I certainly do not enjoy having a full time job while I'm going to Community College. Having to go to Community College and work on a full time job is no choice for me; it's mainly to make ends meet.
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Challenges of a Community College Student
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Due to the fact that the cost of living has increased, I have to do my best and work overtime to cope up. I certainly do not enjoy having a full timejob while I'm going to Community College. Having to go to Community College and work on a full time job is no choice for me; it's mainly to make ends meet.
Every morning, as I get home from work, I take a quick nap for about 4 hours. A human being needs at least 7 hours to be functioning accurately. Well, after the nap, I get to the homework assignments and if I don't fall asleep while doing my school works, I get to study for another hour or two and then I attend my classes. I registered for 12 credits this semester, which includes 2 English classes and 1 Math. I think I doing good on my Math subject, great so far, even though it's hard to keep up in this 4 hour class. Then again, I try my very best with the help of energy drinks and coffee. My English classes require too much time, but I still manage to do it, even with procrastination. My son goes to the daycare 5 times a week, from 6am to 7pm. He is basically spending his whole day there. Daycare is not a place for a child to grow up. I see family reunions, birthdays; religious celebrations pass by without me. I am never there. I always have the same reason, that I am at school or I have to work to do.
Because I have to work long hours, this becomes a conflict with the time I use up for my school. Giving time for my family and friends gets tougher, when I have to work on an 8 to 9 hour job basis and then spend about half of the day at school. Although school and work drives me nuts, the biggest challenge for is not having enough time for my family and friends.
My work schedule is Sundays thru Thursdays, from 10pm till 7am. Not only do I have an impossible schedule, but the quantity of work that I perform every night. I work for logistics at Target. Every night I help with the truck unload procedure by scanning 2,500 to 3,000 boxes per truck. Now this doesn't sound that bad, but scanning with a heavy PDA apparatus, with my arm up in the air, the whole time, I have to scan each box that flies by me really fast with a long line of rollers. While doing this, people lined up by the rollers pick boxes that belong to specific departments, placing them on pallets. After the truck is unloaded, my co-worker and I start from the front of the store and do what is described as bowling. Bowling is a term used for sorting and placing each box from pallets and putting them in front of sections in each aisle. This too, has to be done accurately and fast. Once each department is finished, everyone gets into an aisle. Each person has about 20 to 30 boxes per aisle. The boxes have to be opened and the shelves have to be stocked with the merchandise correctly. Believe it or not, this type of work I have gets very tiring.
If it wasn't for the phone bills, car note, car insurance, gas, rent, food, daycare and school tuition that have to pay for, I wouldn't do it. Everything on top of that has gotten very costly nowadays. Because of this overnight job, I seem to be struggling to get my school works done.
Although the challenges of working long hours and having no time for anything, I know that this will help me become a better and successful person in the future. Even with all the challenges I face in life, I keep on going, knowing that this is only a phase in life that will improve me and my family's lives. In the end, I will have a degree and be established, a well paying job, with great hours of the day for myself. And when this day comes I will have enough time for my family. I know I won't be working and schooling like this forever, but if I quit now, I know that my efforts will come to waste.
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