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Should Community College increase its tuition fee - Essay Example

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Tuition fee increment among colleges implies an automatic growth in the fee burden for learners. However, introductory incomes are not at par with the increasing college…
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Should Community College increase its tuition fee
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the key players associated with the issue of college fee increment include the institution, the taxpayers, the government and students. Measures put in place by various governments has weakened the ability of most institutions to produce the required results to both taxpayers and students. In most cases, colleges have lost the ability to attain the required student capacity. The other stakeholders being the institutions stakeholders and students also play a significant role in ensuring that the cost accrued per completion of one’s learning is favorable and the money does not attract higher taxations. Typically, taxpayers put in an average of $56000 per degree expecting an average amount return of almost twice the initial investment.
The unavailability of sufficient fund allocation acts as a diminishing factor since it only allows a limited number of students to attain education given the tough economic outlook. Community college education also spurs opportunity for mobility integration which is essential since it reduces the dependency rate of students on their parents. Moreover, community colleges effectively rely on government funding so as to get their resources therefore making them non-profitable and they end up having the highest enrollments.
Implementing implement decisions that will ensure a reduction of community college tuition fees is rather important in fostering improved achievement amongst colleges. Through policy implementations, the public policies should always aim at increasing resource allocation to community colleges and cutting down on expenditure. The policies are significant in ensuring a reduction on the cost of education while enhancing strengths of community colleges in performing its initial mandate which is to serve students in the community.
Community colleges can introduce short term courses to increase efficiency. This will significantly assist some students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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