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Managing the Group: Coming Together for a Common Goal - Essay Example

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Recognizing that putting and letting individual employees work together can bring about higher productivity and efficiency, business organizations have began building groups to tackle specific tasks. However, it should be noted that not all groups within the context of a firm succeeds from merely doing this…
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Managing the Group: Coming Together for a Common Goal
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Download file to see previous pages In relation to this, this paper will look at one the regarded high-performance teams in the corporate world-Dell, Inc.'s (Dell) Diversity Management Team. There are four teams which become the three important components of this team: the Global Diversity Council (GDC); Diversity Steering Committees (DSC); and Diversity Action Councils (DAC). The main goal of this report will be an identification and evaluation of the communication technique employed within the GDC team only.
With the aggressive entry of Dell Inc. in various foreign markets all over the world necessitated the employment of a diverse workforce. The company has recognized that its success and even mere survival is highly dependent on its ability to manage its workforce. Thus, it has established the Diversity Management Team in order manage diversity. The Diversity Management Team is comprised of "1,500 U.S. executives, managers and employees" who "participate on cross-functional teams to establish business unit and corporate priorities, exchange best practices and promote business unit/corporate accountability for managing workforce and marketplace diversity in pursuit of Dell's business objectives" (Dell 2007).
The GDC is a ten-member team which is headed by Dell's president and CEO Dell's diversity sponsor, Kevin Rollins. This team was formed in the early 1990s and has the task of providing direction, mission, and corporate goals for diversity management. Because of its function in the team, the GDC is expected to serve its purpose in the years to come as the level of diversity in the company's workforce is expected to mount. With the changes in the business environment, GDC has undergone various developments such as the requirement of various trainings and seminars in order to gear members with the necessary skills in managing diversity (Dell 2007).
The other members of the team are regional directors of Dell who oversee operations in the various countries where it operates. Membership in GDC is highly fixed as only regional directors and other top executives are included. This becomes reasonable as this team determines the overall strategic direction pursued by business organization. The leadership in the team is also fixed as it is Dell's president and CEO which assumes this role. Recognizing that Dell strongly adheres for workforce empowerment, the team's leadership style is more or less democratic, giving everyone a venue to offer his/her opinion. Being known for his open-mindedness, Kevin Rollins prefer everybody's opinion on subject matter but pushes also exudes the authority as a leader (Tischler 2002).
Communication becomes essential in the success of the Diversity Management Team. It is irrefutable that the identification and choice of company's strategic directions can only be best considered by an efficient communication process among the different functional areas of Dell. In the case of GDC, this is assured through the clear and specific communication within leaders in different geographical locations and fields. For example, in crafting a specific promotion strategy of Dell in different markets, collaboration and collective decision making within the GDC is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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