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Construction method statement and risk assessment - Research Proposal Example

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The project shall be a notified project as it is above the size stipulated, and shall require the hiring of a CDM coordinator in the initial stages. The unique characteristics of this project that makes it different from other construction projects are:
EIA of the project site on the basis of the preliminary design to measure impact on flora and fauna…
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Construction method statement and risk assessment
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Download file to see previous pages The study will also measure the impact on river life. Steps can be taken to reduce negative impact by designing the diversion channel to incorporate features.
1. Installation of welfare and sanitary facilities for workers on site.

Risk assessment at this stage:
Assessment of risks including financial risks associated with a cost plus contract, ecological risks, and competency risks associated with improper / insufficient training.
The sequence of execution for the project:
Setting out of the channel according to the design, including the location of the foot over bridge, and access and surrounding development.
Blocking of area around start and end of diversion on river bed by creating rock levy. That shall be extended later to block the river.
1. Excavation of the diversion channel to correct depth and dimensions.

Pouring plain concrete at bottom of diversion channel, and spray concrete along sides.

3. Reinforcement and shuttering for sides and bottom of channel.

4. Shuttering and formwork with correct alignment and levels.

Poring of concrete into formwork, and vibration to reduce air pockets within poured concrete.

Pouring and installation of foot overbridge using a 4 bag mixer (assuming channel width of approximately 10m).
Surrounding development including walkways, plantation and safety / guardrails.
Installation of lighting as required.
Installation of metal ladders and other safety features to diversion channel.
Painting of levels on channel sides.
Provision of monitoring office to oversee operation during defect liability period.
Flow testing.
Blocking of existing riverbed at both ends.
Apart from Health and safety issues as enumerated above, working with or in water involves risks arising due to the following:
Water stagnation or flow.
Fluctuation in levels and flow rates, either seasonal or daily.
Tides, in case of proximity to see.
Weather changes, including rain in upriver catchment areas.
Other users of water including boats, people, structures.
Impact on plant and animal life.
Some other general measures to mitigate health and safety risks for the project are:
Flood warning system and foghorn.
Public address system.
Constantly available means of escape and evacuation for workers on site.
Access to weather information in real-time.
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