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Theory used in Social Work Practice - Essay Example

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The importance of narrative theory lies in the autobiographies and social stories told around individuals. According to Corinne Squire (2000), the narrative analysis helps social scientists to think beyond the lives and culture. Hence, culture can be defined as the one made up of events, representations and values that are along lasting…
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Theory used in Social Work Practice
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Download file to see previous pages The social scientific texts, which focus on culture does not make it abstract and hence culture is important in social sciences. Narrative theory is also important in describing every aspect including the looking after the people who lost lives of their near and dear ones. The narrative realities include individual emotions, psychic realities as referred by Freud and thus evade all narrative formalizations. The point in this paper is about 'tragic' news narratives of an Asian Lady suffering from depression due to sudden death of her mother. In the above aspect, style holds the important place as it depends on both culture and nature of the individual. In some cases of tragic narratives style can define the culture and the extent of depression of the subject. As the present situation is about the Asian lady suffering from depression, understanding the differences in narration due to culture can help in understanding her. Though some writers feel that the narratives reduce personal and social meanings to glib fables, the other writers emphasize on cohesion and repetition (Corinne Squire, 2000). 1
The application of theory depends on the subject chosen. The subject here is an Asian lady suffering from depression due to loss of her mother due to sudden death. ...
The psychological orientation in social service and work can be fulfilled by applying narrative theory to the subject in the present context. The changes that occur in the work of a social service practitioner will be from the expressions of the subject and narrative theory helps in understanding them in a clear manner. The notions of expertise in narrative theory can influence work education and can enable direct change in the subject with the help of research of the practitioner. In addition to above mentioned aspects, narrative theory helps in reshaping qualitative enquiry, which helps in recovery of a subject in depression. The thematic, structural, dialogic and visual things in the research will critically analyze the data and thus the researcher can choose the approach to deal with the subject. The subject in the context of the paper needs pragmatic approach and narrative theory is suitable for the meant treatment and to modify the social work contexts. The narration in the course of treatment helps the researcher to collect different types of data and to compare it in different ways to know Th exact point of the treatment (Jan Fook, 2002). 2
Advantages in Applying the Theory

The important advantage in using the narrative theory is avoiding suicide by the subject by the treatment that involves narration. As the depression in United States is substantial and it is more in Asian population, the qualitative research in narrative theory helps in coping up with depression motivated suicide. As the lady in the present context is suffering from the depression of sudden death of mother, there is every chance of attempting suicide and narrative theory helps in avoiding it. The subjects of depression of above mentioned ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theory Used in Social Work Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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