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Teacher CollaborationCommunication - Essay Example

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Most middle schools undergo major educational reforms and that includes motivating their teachers to have open communication or engage in collaboration. There are situations when teachers tend to work out of sight, alone in the planning or work on their own during preparation of their lessons…
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Teacher CollaborationCommunication
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Download file to see previous pages Study group, formal as well as informal seminars and trainings, faculty presentation in conferences are some of the activities that promote teacher collaboration. It serves as venue for teachers to support each other's strengths, discuss their weaknesses, sharing of pool of ideas, strategies and materials.
Teacher collaboration result in enhancing collegial relationship that breaks the isolation, burn out, and job dissatisfaction. Instead, teachers attain high level of professional fulfillment, enthusiasm at work and job satisfaction. Teachers become more equipped in the classroom, able to reconcile differences of colleagues and students and able to settle occasional conflicts effectively. Since there is collaboration, complex tasks are managed better, new ideas emerge, thus improve schools' curriculum and instruction.
Although not uniformly good, teachers who have spent time to work with others have noticed significant improvements in their students' academic performance, attitudes and behavior, and attitude. Since teachers are living examples of collaborative behavior for their students, be it in extracurricular activities or in academic endeavors, students may be influenced by them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teacher CollaborationCommunication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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