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Sociolgy I need to tell a story how I did something to benefit myself - Essay Example

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In life, I believe that sacrifice for the sake of attaining something is a primary factor in achieving my dreams. That is the reason why I gave up many things just to pursue my aims, even at the expense of others. Winning is paramount in my life and I have to do what is needed to do, and accomplish the necessary goals just to be there.
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Sociolgy I need to tell a story how I did something to benefit myself
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Download file to see previous pages But who cares For me I was very willing to accept solitude and monotony just to become a well respected basketball player.
Of course I had to undergo various RATIONAL CHOICES before embarking the journey towards success. The BENEFITS and REWARDS of become a popular basketball player should be greater than the COSTS it entails. As I have said I knew beforehand that becoming popular requires many sacrifices that would eat up most of my time. But as far as the UTILITY of these sacrifices are concerned, I never regretted in forgoing the joy and excitement that other activities gives. I am determined to accomplish my mission and attain my goal of becoming a popular basketball player in New York State and obtain a full basketball scholarship to Loyola College, whatever it takes.
To become a professional level basketball player, an aspirant should undergo certain steps. One of the most essential of these is practice - tons of practice. To do this, I utilized most of my time to practice my shooting skills alone. While most of my classmates are still asleep I managed to wake up at 6 am most mornings during high school and went to the school's gym and took exercise and made 100 foul shots every morning before I enter school. This became part of my morning ritual. I was not contented from this that during breaks and dismissal from class I still shoved dust and snow around the basketball hoop in the school yard to practice my shots. My day virtually revolved around basketball.
I was not even satisfied on doing the practices and body conditioning myself. I even asked the services of special people to a point that I even borrowed my uncle's time just to keep my shooting hand accurate and dependable. I asked him to feed me the ball while shooting thousand shots per week. I also undergone training sessions with special trainers thrice a week to get in top shape.
Because of my commitment to be the best, I often sacrifice my social life to give way to my practice sessions. While my family was gone to a vacation trip, I was busy dribbling the ball in our regular practices. During the time that my friends are attending birthday parties and other school gatherings, I was immersed in thinking how to help my team win the game. I almost spent my exchanged the BENEFITS of socializing in school just to achieve my dream.
In any quest to be the best, I admit that I had to find ways to get to the top whatever it takes. That includes doing the dirty work just to get there. I always assert even to a point that I use aggression just to reach my dream. I believe that this world is not perfectly BALANCED and that I need to use influence, power and other "below the belt" schemes just to be the best.
Anyway, this is a dog-eat-dog society that those who are more powerful and "wiser" are more likely to gain advantage necessary for achieving their goals. If justice is being served equally to all people, then why are there criminals, despite being proven guilty for their misdemeanors, are still at large because of their influence and power.
Besides, I am using these "devious tactics" not for criminal and evil use. If crooks use these measures to indulge in temporary PLEASURABLE activities and afterwards ending up in PAIN while spending their time in prison, I am doing this so that my parents, my school and my classmates and possibly the United States and the world will be proud of and BENEFIT from me.
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