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Major Policy Stakeholders - Essay Example

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The essay "Major Policy Stakeholders" is about the alarmingly rising prevalence of obesity across communities, the stakeholders and their opinions become very important. Besides, in the major stakeholders would be identified on the basis of the current scenario…
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Major Policy Stakeholders
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Download file to see previous pages A program which would smooth the way to integrate nutritional education and its transmission to the population. There is a national health agenda as a part of the government policies that promote a healthy lifestyle through preventive and educative approaches practices by the healthcare professionals.
National Weight Control registry maintains a database which led to tools and tactics to maintain long-term weight loss. It has been shown that diet and exercise are the main steps for the success of preventive measures. Healthcare providers have important roles in motivating their patients to change lifestyle and modify dietary behaviors. Research has shown that brief interventions by physicians and healthcare providers on a regular and consistent basis may strongly reinforce positive behaviors in the patients. The environmental factors that promote obesity are taken with great seriousness by academia, government, industry, and healthcare. There is a consensus that portion sizes must be reduced with more attention to appropriate macronutrient intakes, such as low fat, high protein, low-energy foods.
Obesity is alarmingly rising with implications of a public health problem of epidemic potentials. In the community, there are many stakeholders which can have a collaborative approach to prevent this problem through dealing with respective parts based on evidence. As indicated in the discussion above, various stakeholders are coming up with different propositions that may control the epidemic of obesity very successfully. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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