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Research Critique of Ostomy patients' perceptions of quality of care - Essay Example

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The aim of the present study was to assess the quality of care in ostomy patients. It intends to gather data which is seen from a patient's perspective. Two different groups of patients were studied: those with a permanent colostomy created because of rectal cancer and those with a conventional ileostomy created because of ulcerative colitis.
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Research Critique of Ostomy patients perceptions of quality of care
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Extract of sample "Research Critique of Ostomy patients' perceptions of quality of care"

Download file to see previous pages The discussions are based on the researchers' ability to demonstrate an understanding of the qualitative paradigm and the particular qualitative method being used, if the problem clearly delineated with an appropriate rationale for using a qualitative approach, if the purpose for the study one of discovery and description, conceptualization (theory building), illusions, or sensitization, if the researcher-respondent relationship is understood and if the role of the researcher as "research tool" is apparent.
This research critique carefully assessed the importance of a research paper for the improvement of the quality nursing care given to Ostomy patients. Recommendations would not be effective unless the process before setting up a recommendation is to be found true, correct and free from any bias.
Centuries had already passed and compared to the world way back centuries ago, people today are more knowledgeable, and curios about the things going on around us. Compared to the lifestyle of the olden days, there are things which they believe is indescribable and even tuberculosis has no cure. Today, there are many things that science can do. It is no doubt then, that today's technological era has been achieved by the careful research of scientists, engineers and concerned people who aims to improve something which is inline with their forte.
Through thorough research, things have been achieved which changes the world, that is why, careful and truthful research is essential. Can you imagine a world being deceived by false research It could not only harm the world and the society, malicious research, especially medical researches could cause death to patients instead of nursing them to make them better.
In the research conducted by Persson, Eva PhD RN ETN; Gustavsson, Bengt PhD MD; Hellstrm, Anna-Lena PhD RN; Lappas, George BSc and Hultn, Leif PhD MD entitled Ostomy patients' perceptions of quality of care [ISSUES AND INNOVATIONS IN NURSING PRACTICE], the researchers aim to improve the nursing practices towards Ostomy patients to be able to provide them with quality care. They have fully understood and identified the needs of Ostomy patients, though following the qualitative research, it lacks the identification and thorough explanation of what Stoma is all about. They should have clearly defined Stoma and give a narrative explanation which would enable readers to picture out the severity if this illness. Through this, the reader would understand how and why it is important to focus on issues and innovations in nursing practice with regards to the quality care given to Ostomy patients.
Before continuing with the research, the researchers should have also explained in clear, straightforward terms, all aspects of living with a stoma, including ways to feel more comfortable with it, and helps you overcome any embarrassment a patient may feel when talking to doctors and other healthcare professionals, to be able to get the best possible help and support. For those who have stoma, the surgery is life-saving, but they can be hard to adjust to, and even though no-one may know that a person have stoma it can make a patient feel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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