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Is Nurse satisfaction associated with hospital length of stay - Research Proposal Example

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Is Nurse Satisfaction Associated With Hospital Length of Stay? Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract The research proposal provides a brief introduction and reveals the way patient’s satisfaction has become a common tool for examining the effective services delivered to patients…
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Is Nurse satisfaction associated with hospital length of stay
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher reveals the way how use of fieldwork studies and data collection from the literature review can deliver adequate information about the topic under study. The study provides a discussion that reveals the results or findings from the literature review regarding the topic. Lastly, it includes a timetable that shows the way the researcher will conduct activities within the specified period. Is Nurse Satisfaction Associated With Hospital Length of Stay? Introduction Patient satisfaction has increasingly become an assessment tool for assessing the quality of services that the health care organizations provide to patients. It has become a driving force for guiding health care providers across the globe on the way of improving patient care. The length of stay in hospitals is linked with the quality of services offered in hospitals, thus determining patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is one of the considerable outcomes, which is linked with the nurse satisfaction in the health care sector. It makes nurses become satisfied with the services they offer to their clients. The hospital length of stay (LOS) in linked to nurses’ satisfaction because it determines the overall patient satisfaction, patterns of nurse practices, patients’ preferences and the resources utilized in hospitals. Thus, the hospital LOS in nowadays described in terms of hospital costs in the context of the way healthcare providers can reduce such costs and deliver effective services that can satisfy patients. The interaction of nurses with their patients is essential because it enables them to understand the needs of patients. This is crucial because it helps nurses to deliver effective services, thus reducing the patient’s length of stay in hospitals. Literature Review The literature indicates that hospital LOS has been linked to patient satisfaction and the nurses’ quality of services they offer to patients, hence becoming satisfied with their work. Tokunaga and Imanaka (2002) reveal that hospital LOS has a significant correlation with the health outcomes including patient satisfaction and hospital care. The study analysis carried out in the Japanese hospital setting revealed that there is a higher connection between hospital LOS and nurse satisfaction. The study employed a cross-sectional study involving random sampling of a number of in-patients, older patients and nurse working in various hospitals. The results provided unique satisfaction from the sampled groups, including the nursing care skills and mutual rapport created between nurses and patients that were all predictors for the total satisfaction (Rotter et al., 2010). However, from nurses’ viewpoints, the patient satisfaction is measured by the workload in hospitals. Hospitals with few staff nurses tend to have a higher rate of health LOS, thus contributing to poor results and low work performance. The research study indicates that many hospitals may have a ratio of 1,000 nurses to 2,000 patients – something that contributes to lower services and longer stay of patients in hospitals (Stratton, 2008). This may impact the performance of nurses, hence poor output. Increasing the staffing levels of nurses in hospitals is not easy because of various factors. These include the complicated nature of registering nurses, new medical technologies and the reduced LOS average. The literature review conducted by Samina, Gj, Tabish, Samiya and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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