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Discuss the relationship between the informal economy in the socialist states and the emergence of capitalism in these states after 1989 - Essay Example

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Socialist states, according to Marx are the ones that have put an end to capitalism and going through the phase of social and economic development that is eventually replaced by communism. Conversely a communist state observes a single party rule following the communist concept of ruling a state…
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Discuss the relationship between the informal economy in the socialist states and the emergence of capitalism in these states after 1989
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Extract of sample "Discuss the relationship between the informal economy in the socialist states and the emergence of capitalism in these states after 1989"

Download file to see previous pages This was referred to as the socialist experiment that became defunct in the year 1989 throughout the Eastern Europe for unidentified reasons, eventually resulting in the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. This in turn, unlocked new doors of transitions and socio cultural transitions in the region.
The formal economy is the essence of the contemporary perceptive of the states following the capitalist concept to influence the globe whereas the informal economy is the unpredictable or irregular perception designed and practiced by specific people although these are less powerful than the ones endorsed by dominant power and wealth.
The study of the same era and the historical accounts help one to understand the theory of socialism and its practice as well as the changes that occurred from region to region. For instance China, the largest country in East Asia developed into a socialist state in 1949 and the Republic of Cuba witnessed the Cuban Revolution that led to the overthrow of the Dictator government of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista on January 1, 1959 by the 26th of July movement and other revolutionary organizationsin 1959, and was declared a socialist state in 1961.
The trends occurring in socialist and post socialist Eastern Europe and akin in the capitalist West, such as privatization, the growth of neo-liberalism or the weakening of the welfare state resulted in many changes over the years. According to Pine (1996) the importance of class and gender equality became bona fide in the Eastern European states after the end of socialist states therefore allowing equal rights to the women with the likes of men in the society. As in Poland where previously extremely progressive rights were practiced that failed to be implemented in the socialist period. The Eastern Europe observed the same with women consigned to the private sphere, depriving them of basic rights. The same observation has been derived by Foucault (1991) regarding the improvement in the governmental operations in terms of practicality and efficiency through the historical perspective by learning and inventing innovative likewise improved plans of governing. Disparagement further stimulates such progress through the modifications in actions and extensions of limits.
If we study the comparisons of some post socialism countries, using ethnographic examples we come to know that vast diversities from Hungary, Romania and Transylvania considering each nation has a different backdrop of the post socialism period along with specific array of tribulations. The Hungarian ethnographers demonstrated dissimilarities in personalities, interests and specializations between the North American and native European ethnographic studies. In Eastern Europe citizens were faced with colonialists, Western and capitalist society settings. Considering similar issues the anthropological studies and comparisons of the Eastern Europe with the Third and fourth world countries were conciliatory. As Verdery (1999) points out the presence of additional features of socialism that made general ideas significant for normal people living in regions having ethnic groups amalgamated rather than territorially ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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