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Explaining Crime: Classicism and Positivism - Essay Example

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1. The crime chosen by me is domestic violence. I have chosen this crime because of its traumatic effects on the victims both physically and psychologically. The psychological effects of domestic violence can be sometimes more damaging than the physical abuse (Davies, Smith, Benedictis, Jaffe & Segal 2008)…
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Explaining Crime: Classicism and Positivism
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Some of the people who engage in domestic violence have a very strong background to this scenario. Social learning plays a major role in this sort of behavior. According to the view of the social learning perspective, individuals learn to be violent by watching violent models (Sternberg 2001). In the case of domestic violence, the abuser might have seen one of his or her parent being the abuser or the victim of such as heinous crime. Furthermore, there can be a strong correlation between the amount of television violence watched by individuals, especially children, and the level of violence in the individual (Sternberg 2001). Another explanation for committing this atrocious crime may be that the abuser might be facing some kind of stress or strain in his or her life. They might be upset due to some occurrence that has taken place in their life and take out their frustration by beating up or emotionally hurting the spouse. On the other hand, the abuser might just be into the crime in order to make a show of his or her power over the current or former partner and let the other individual, who is the victim, know who the boss around the place is and hurt them both physically and psychologically.
3. ...
l and financial abuse."' Domestic violence occurs across society regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, wealth and geography (Crime Reduction 2008).''
4. The above definition further explains my description of why people in engage in domestic violence. As mentioned in the explanation, that some people might commit the crime of domestic violence due to certain stressors being faced in life; these stressors might be related to financial problems or any other disturbing events. Furthermore, abusers might just want to hurt their partners because that is what they had learnt in their childhood. The definition quite adequately describes the chosen crime, that is, domestic violence as it includes not only physical violations but other abuses like sexual, emotional and financial which prove to be more damaging.
5. In order to check my explanation for the domestic violence I would make use of the Domestic Violation Inventory (DVI) provided by Professional Online Testing Solutions, Inc. which is designed for adult (male and female) domestic violence offender assessment and is a modern domestic violence perpetrator test. The DVI is used in courts, probation departments, community corrections, clinics, treatment programs, etc. The DVI has been standardized on over 75,000 domestic violence offenders. This test is appropriate for both offense and crime cases. The DVI evaluates violence potential, assesses control issues, and quantifies substance abuse and measures stress handling abilities. The DVI has 155 items, takes 30 minutes to complete and has six measures/scales:
(i) Truthfulness Scale
(ii) Violence (Lethality) Scale
(iii) Control Scale
(iv) Alcohol Scale
(v) Drugs Scale
(vi) Stress Coping Abilities Scale
The DVI is a valid, reliable and accurate test which correlates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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