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Academic career is the first and the most important step to future professional careers. The way it is carried out in a great extent defines the progress on the future professional field. I believe that only an honest attitude to education while at the university guarantees success in the chosen specialization.
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Download file to see previous pages Another set of motivations deals with pressures that students claim to be under, some of which may be real and others of which may be rationalizations for dishonesty, but all of which shift the responsibility for their behavior away from themselves. I realize my responsibility in delivering authentic papers and will not try to place other person's success or failure on me. I am positive that it will not bring any genuine realization to myself, but rather will show me in a different light, present me as a person with different qualities and talents. I now realize that academic dishonesty might be the first step to dishonest behavior in gradually all areas in life that will sooner or later lead to failure.
The next factor of academic dishonesty that I would like to note is a pressures and overloads during academic years. These factor along with improper explanation of the material are often results of academic cheating. There were times when I had to work during my studies and thus sometimes failed the courses, however I have never plagiarized or conducted any other unacceptable behavior. I have learnt to manage stress and meet the deadline and have realized that this, along with honesty and clearness of education goals is guarantee of success. While my education, I am going to divide my time effectively and make it possible to accommodate my work to studies and not conversely. That, by means, effective time management: devoting a reasonable part of time on involvement in Campus life when making studies of academic subjects and keeping the excellent academic performnce the bsic priority.
ccording to recent sttistics, provided in research by Philip Langlais, proportion of college students who chet t some point in their creers rnge from low of 25% to high of 80%, but the most common estimte is bout hlf. Not ll of these, of course, re hbitul cheters; mny students chet only under wht they regrd s extreme circumstnces nd my chet only "two or three times in their whole creers." Some students claim that cheating is a means of "balancing the books, " as it were, with professors whom they perceive to be acting unfairly, such as requiring too heavy a work load, giving tests that are too difficult, and grading too harshly. Some students admit to a lack of effort-not attending class, not wanting to do the work-as a reason for their academic dishonesty. Other students claim that, as it were, "the devil made me do it": They say they gave into an irresistible temptation when an opportunity to cheat arose. Still others see cheating as a game or contest of wits between themselves and their professors. Finally, students say that facilitation of academic dishonesty is motivated by adherence to loyalties outside the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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RESPONSIBLE RESEARCHER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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