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The NMC codes are the standards provided by the council in conducting study. Before involving someone in the study you must first ask consent from that person. The patient or client may demonstrate their consent in a number of ways. If they agree to treatment and care, they may do so verbally, in writing or by implying that they agree…
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Download file to see previous pages The profile of the patient can be found in the appendix at the end of this study. Like any other research study involving human a consent form is given to be filled up by the relative or the participant itself. A consent form 1 includes the following details: reason for the study; what specifically is being tested; why was the subject selected; and what exactly is required of participants. Consent form 2 includes the potential risks / potential benefits; anonymity; right to decline or withdraw; who to contact if concerns and a copy for patient (, 2004 ).
This paper includes a different approach in having a healthy life throughout the entire life span. The shift from treating the disease to preventing the disease has helped a lot of people understand their risk of having a disease. A person health is affected by the following factors; environment, family history, lifestyle and beliefs. The purpose of this study is to be able to convince a client that health is not merely having free of disease but it is the total wellness of an individual.
There is a saying that if you are free from disease the person is healthy. There are 6 dimensions of health that will be discussed in this paper. They are the Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Environmental and Spiritual wellness of an individual. Comparison in the definition of health is discussed from traditional to Western to modern. It is better to prevent the disease than curing it, which is why government are having health promotions to educate the people on how to prevent disease. The models and different approach in health promotion will be presented and analyzed. The role of a nurse is said to be important in health promotion, one of the factor to be able to have a success in health promotion is how the nurse would play his role. At the end of this paper we will be able to analyze and advised the client as to how she will be able to achieve a healthy life span.
The traditional definition of health includes the definition given by the Greek physicians; they believed health to be a condition of perfect body equilibrium. (Kirsten, 2001). The ancient Chinese believed that health was a reflection of a vital body force called "Qi"(Edelman, 1986). However the definition given by the Western medicine became the most famous definition of health focusing on the single component diseases. Not until recently wherein Health was defined by WHO as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (Russel 1975). Health and wellness are interrelated, wellness is multidimensional, an expanded idea of health, it is a popular model used by health programs that encompasses 6 dimensions of health. Wellness is a life long process that includes the awareness of making a choice and making decisions toward a balanced and fulfilling life. Precepts of wellness includes holism, balance, lack of sufficient attention, self-responsibility and positive and proactive. Holism is your health and well being as an outcome of the constant interaction between the natural dimensions of life and wellness. Balance is by giving significant attention to each of the dimension. Lack of sufficient attention to any one will result in less than optimal development as a person, and may lead to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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