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In the above case study regarding the information given to Clive Smith by Sandeep about getting Vijay on board so as to receive the advanced Ishimuru green car's proposed batteries information , the possible reasonable answer from Clive will be No. Accepting such deal will be unethical for him for the company as a whole and it can have very bad repercussions to the company…
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Download file to see previous pages It is very unethical, for the Tomoco Company to offer pay Vijay money so that he can offer them the very important and confidential information of Ishimuru, this will highly dent and even kill the trust company's customer have in the company in this era where corporate ethics has become very important in aspect of any company operations and marketing and brand image.
The Tomoco company is dedicated to coming up with new innovations in the auto mobile sector. It has the responsibility to ensure that it come up with its own battery formula that can be used in the proposed econocar. Probably Tomoco has a compliance program that is well established which shows that Tomoco has been committed to laws and regulations governing the country auto mobile is designing, marketing and selling activities. Thus getting information falsely from a rival company will be going against these laws or regulation and the company may destroy its image that it has built over the years. It is worth to note that a good company image and reputation goes a long way in marketing a company products, in this case Tomoco cars and any improper business conduct of the company may lead to destroying the reputation and tradition of the company and thus reducing its market segment. (Dole and Lowe, 2003)
The Tomoco company also may face legal actions fro...
Since the law is applied when a person has leaked important and confidential information regarding a company which is vital to its business operation, to a competitor company, thus hampering fair competition, Ishimuru company will have a strong case as it will have evidence and more so it will be able to identify the person (Vijay) and the company (Tomoco) which has obtained the leaked or stolen information. Such lawsuits are normal costly to a company and even if Ishimuru losses the case the damage will be already be caused to Tomoco which may be irreparable. (Dole and Lowe, 2003)

Since both the two companies are involved in research and innovation of lithium ion (li-ion) battery, and no particular company has a proven formula or an already working design, it is equally risky and nave to accept a design from a rival. This is because the proposed design may not be good enough than the one the Tomoco is developing. More so Vijay seems to be a self centred person and may easily sell a wrong formula to Tomoco are equally will also be willing to sell the same design plan to any other company after sealing a deal with Tomoco. Basing on the above factors, Clive smith on behave of Tomoco will probably refuse the offer from Sandeep on the basis of ethical conduct and keeping the company reputation, image and lawful conduct. (Dole and Lowe, 2003)

Draft marketing plan for the launch of the econocar
A Product Marketing Manager is to make sure that company's product achieves the returns expectations that the manager projected when he received the endorsement for developing the product. The method of ensuring that products achieve revenue is by including a launch plan. This contains all the deliverables (collateral, materials for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(AN ESSAY BASED ON THE BELOW CASE STUYDY Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words)
AN ESSAY BASED ON THE BELOW CASE STUYDY Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“AN ESSAY BASED ON THE BELOW CASE STUYDY Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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