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Standard Alignment - Essay Example

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The early education provided to us comprises of various subjects which help us build our foundation for a strong intellect. Of the many subjects, we have Language Arts and Maths taught to us during our early education.
In language arts, we are taught the basic language which in majority of cases is English…
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Standard Alignment
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Download file to see previous pages Language arts mainly consisted of lessons to be learnt, poems to be recited, and grammar to be understood.
If we consider standard alignment in the learnings we had, it can be said that the courseware and the approach was horizontally aligned. By horizontal alignment we mean that the standards, curriculum etc. was in accordance with the age of a child and the content delivered to any child of that age was both sufficient and necessary.
Since the knowledge of language is not only restricted to knowing how to speak and write, it is very much required that all parts of language are covered in the early education which will also help cultivate interest in the child for the language. Therefore, the early education was horizontally well aligned.
Another subject of major importance was Maths. Maths is a subject of vital importance as it marks the beginning of a calculated approach. It involves a child's brain to the maximum and the basic art of calculation is required in every sphere of life. Even for people who do not work, calculations and simple mathematics play a major part in dealing with day to day activities.
The early education given to us about Maths comprised of counting. Counting forms the basis of every kind of calculations. The early education also focuses on minor additions and subtractions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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