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(Dual Relationship) discuss the statment that in examing dual relationships the most important issue is exploitation not duality - Essay Example

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There are different areas in relation to the behaviour of a person that can be considered related to different interactions such as dual relationship. Dual relationship can be considered as one of the areas of psychotherapy that can be defined as the relationship and connection of a patient to the therapist specifically in professional consult which can be existent or that happened at some point in time (Pope, 1991).
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(Dual Relationship) discuss the statment that in examing dual relationships the most important issue is exploitation not duality
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Extract of sample "(Dual Relationship) discuss the statment that in examing dual relationships the most important issue is exploitation not duality"

Download file to see previous pages Dual relationship in psychotherapy can be focused on the fact that the therapist has other existing or subsequent relationship to the patient. This relationship can either be in terms of the social aspect, financial aspect or even profession aspect. When the term dual is attributed it does not limit the issue on the concurrent relationships. Based on the opinions of the professionals the, it is important to prevent dual relationships due to the effects that can be brought about in the treatment of the patients.
Basically, the relationship between therapists and patients should remain purely professional due to the probability that the medical treatments and interventions can be affected by the dual relationships that occur between the therapists and the patients. The optimum level of health care that can be given cannot be achieved if the main concern of the therapist can be affected by other issues due to the other relationship with the patient. In this case, the professionalism and the ethical issues are often considered and needed as guidelines.
There are other issues that are needed to be co...
But is important to consider that the cases wherein blood ties are considered as the connection between the therapist and the patient, it is still considered as a situation that is below the optimum expected. Another issue is related to the ethical considerations that can be attached to such relationships (Pope and Vetter, 1992).

A. Types of Dual Relationships
The main types of dual relationships are considered to be able to determine the proper actions that can be undertaken. These types are considered as the major ones which include the double roles, the double professions, the double financial relationships and the unavoidable dual relationships.
The double roles can be defined as the type wherein the client or the therapist is connected in other ways. An example is the therapist may be a former student of the client. The said relationship can still be considered to have certain effects on the performance of the procedure. The relationship can be considered as relevant since it is one of the most common categories (Borys and Pope, 1989).
Double professions on the other hand deals with the people that are into different professions and lines of work simultaneously. This is one of the reasons that these professionals meet people that may get their professional service. For example the therapist can at the same time be into the academe, thus students can also be clients (Borys and Pope, 1989).
There are also cases of dual relationships that can be considered as inevitable and at some point a necessity. This can occur in cases such as the military wherein the officers may at the same time be therapists and medical professionals, thus are licensed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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