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Body's regulation of temperature - Essay Example

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The research is concerning on the concept regarding our body's temperature, on how does our body regulates its internal temperature. The abnormalities within our system with application to nursing practices.
Studying about the body's regulation of temperature will inform us about the system we had in our own selves…
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Bodys regulation of temperature
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Extract of sample "Body's regulation of temperature"

Download file to see previous pages It's very important for us to know the capabilities of our body to fight such dangerous environment. We should know the roots of all that happens in our body. Though fever is treated by the masses us a simple thing that used to come on us and just ignoring this indicator. There is so much more to dig.
Homeostasis is the tendency of an organism to maintain a uniform and beneficial physiological stability and between its parts.1 Homeostasis is a remarkable and typical property of an open system. Walter Cannon in 1932, took told the wisdom of the body, the homeostasis, from the two Greek words meaning to remain the same. The cell, which reacts represents the homeostatic system, to every change in the environment, its goal is to maintain its internal balance, stability and to survive, Much importantly when one is faced to a known reaction, or an expected situation and often the result is opposed to the action done. Remember that if one cell that contributes to the complex system; is neither distracted nor destroyed, the stability will not be able anymore to change and evolve.
Mammals are endotherms. They do not rely on the sun for warmth because they can generate heat internally. Especially the smaller ones have a high run of the metabolism which helps them generate heat, enough for them to live and survive coldness. The subcutaneous fat that is located under the skin helps them conserve body heat from within, is an example of homeostasis. Body temperature also affects the process of metabolism. For instance, if the body is at work the temperature is high and will get muscles tired. This is the reasons why the internal parts are improperly functioning same if the body is cold or at rest. Therefore we should keep our body working not excessively but in balance work out which does not require our bone to tire up, we should do this for maintaining balance.
The hypothalamus and Feedbacks
Our brains have an accessory, which contain nerve cells that monitors both the temperatures of the skin and the internal organs called the hypothalamus. If the body temperature is below 37oC the tendency of the hypothalamus is to produce some chemicals that will inform the cells of the entire body to speed up their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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