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Sustainability of the marine environment - Essay Example

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Environmental changes into adverse weather changes and increased rates and significance of natural calamities have raised awareness over interdependence between humans and their actions, and the environment. …
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Sustainability of the marine environment
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Extract of sample "Sustainability of the marine environment"

Download file to see previous pages Researchers have argued that the realized unfavourable changes in the environment are a result of human actions that have been selfish to facilitate short-term utility at the expense of the environment. Consequences have included extreme emission of carbon monoxide gas among other green house gasses towards global warming and its secondary effects. Extinction of biotic factors has also been a significant factor in human actions. The marine environment has particularly realized diversified human activities such as marine transport and other economic activities like fishing that induce direct and indirect impacts on the environment. While responsible exploitation of the marine environment would ensure its sustainability, personal greed among economic stakeholders have identified threats to sustainability of the marine environment. I, in this paper, reflect on the current marine environment condition and achieved success in the environment’s sustainability. The marine environment is currently susceptible to diversifies sources of pollution that threatens its ecosystem. Human activities have continually polluted the marine environment, directly and indirectly, and the effects are significant to marine lives and derivable benefits from the biotic factors. Plastic debris is an example of significant pollutants in the environment and research indicates its role in killing the ecosystem’s fauna and flora. The litter that may be deposited in large masses through waste disposal or may accumulate over time affects marine animals by trapping them. This limits the animals’ survival potentials by hindering their locomotive potentials and reduces their ability to search for food and even defend themselves from predators in the ecosystem. The animas also suffer from intoxication when they ingest the litter that may be poisonous. Similarly, plastic debris may cause physical injury to the animals, and even plants, because of physical impacts as the debris are introduced into the environment. The plastic debris further has secondary effects as the primary death of plants and animals in the water masses further pollute the environment (Derraik 2002, p. 844- 850). Activities such as exploration of natural resources from marine base and chemical use on the water surface also identify current pollution of the environment. Oil spill that has been a significant problem in the past, with the Gulf of Mexico spill being the latest, together with oil leaks from vessels and machineries that operate on or below water surface have been major pollutants. Strong frameworks for preventing and managing further occurrence still lack and this demonstrate vulnerability of the environment and its habitats to future effects of the leaks and spills. Threats in oil spills affect marine habitats and hinder economic activities in the environment. It affects animals’ physiology and significant pollution levels may cause death. Chemical components of oil also impair cells in marine plants and animals and may force the biotic factors out of their shelters. These effects result in ecosystem imbalance and have consequences on resources from the marine environment. Such pollutants may also hinder economic activities in the environment such as transport and resource exploitation. The direct role of human activities in the pollutions means that these factors can be regulated by ensuring responsible application of resources in the marine environment (ITOPF n.d., p. 2; Xhelilaj and Sinanaj 2010, p. 20, 21). Many threats have also been associated with different marine ecosystems. While these threats may not have direct pollutant effects on the environment, they affect marine lives and threaten economic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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