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Global Language Technologies - Essay Example

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GLT can create a brand name differentiation over other mobile technology distributors. Location is a strong customer value offering, as GLT sells the mobile technology product, the system will also assist customer in mobile service set up and contracting through the manufacturer, as well as provide assistance in product knowledge…
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Global Language Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages This is a method that has been used by Dell Computer Corp. also. The third customer value offering is the product mix. GLT plans to offer all mobile communication devices, from cellular telephones to hand held devices and have accessories available. "Customer's who prefer one-stop shopping or variety would find such product mixes valuable" (Afuah and Tucci p 57 2000). 11
Global Language Technologies (GLT) is a fictitious company dealing with E retailing of multiple product lines emulating the mobile telecommunications industry through direct to consumer sales of mobile communication devices. Since the company deals with many and diverse products the inventory is huge both in terms of quantity as well as in terms of dollar value. The efforts are directed towards improving the supply chain process of the company by undertaking two major activities as follows:
GLT needs a system that could integrate all these resources in order to utilise each one of them most optimally. GLT is medium sized organisation. In the telecommunications industry, information systems have a strong impact on management of the organization. The exchange of information through email, telephone, and Internet means that management has a secondary requirement other than people management, it must adapt to new technology as well as create base rules for the transfer of information. Furthermore, management has a responsibility to train employees on technology usage and security as information systems become more complex. Haag et al (p 9 2005) describes information as being: internal to the operation aspects of the facility; external, as the environmental impact of outside forces; objective as being known information; subjective as descriptions of the unknowns. The information systems, being where the telecommunications industry stores customer, business and technological knowledge, needs to be managed to the different types of information available. The influence of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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