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Take home question Financial Markets of Latin American - Essay Example

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Although is still early to say whether the recent financial market crisis may affect or not the emerging markets -and particularly the Latin American ones -, it could be said that they are going probably be less affected than those more mature markets as the USA or the EU.
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Take home question Financial Markets of Latin American
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Download file to see previous pages However, they -as well as other emerging markets as China or Eastern Europe- appear to be overcoming this crisis much better than more mature markets as USA or the European Union. Some analysts explain that this fact is due to these countries costume and tradition of facing continuous tensions and crisis, situation that have led them to develop "overcoming mechanisms"2. According to Manuel Romera, the Latin-American countries have few to fear from this situation, since they are "those countries that are the most used to difficult and tension moments, being so the most prepared to overcome the crisis".
I coincide with this hypothesis because, to my mind, if during the coming decades these countries are able to achieve solid organisational models to simultaneously stimulate innovation and efficiency, it would be seen how theses economies experiment unknown levels of development. It should be beard in mind that Latin-American economies are rich in natural resources and primary materials (resources more and more precious in such a shortage world, characterised by a frantic economic growth).
Nevertheless, and once the risk of contagion is being avoided, let's remark some other facts that condition the S ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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