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NBS Teacher Training - Essay Example

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The major elements that NBS has to ascertain are present at their utmost quality and quantities are the requirements of students vis-vis their studies barring the competence of the teacher. We already know that the quality of teaching is very important but almost, if not as important to this is the presence and high quality of other factors which determine a student's educational experience e.g…
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NBS Teacher Training
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The elements that have to be created for the new NBS in order to make it a fruitful proposition to the students must be those that increase value to the educational experience of the students. Therefore, the new NBS could try set up summer fellowship programs, educational exchange programs etc in collaboration with other universities and the corporate world in order to ascertain an experience for the students which is as productive as any, as well as create a mechanism for the easy transition for these students when they come into NBS and when they leave NBS. Even though, these opportunities may be present at other institutions, NBS has to create the opportunities in such a way that they only fit the NBS program and the new NBS experience, which would make NBS even more significant in the eyes of the students in the global community. (Kim et al, 1999) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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NBS Teacher Training Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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