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Marketing Week 4 Discussion Questions & Summary - Essay Example

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I have understood the concept of beliefs and value system. No matter what I do, in whatever way I act; at the heart of it all is my value system, my ideology which propels me to behave in a certain manner. Beliefs lead to values which form principles on which we base our judgments…
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Marketing Week 4 Discussion Questions & Summary
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Download file to see previous pages However, hailing from a highly disciplined family and community where such practices are strictly shunned and their negation had become a part of my belief; I decided not to copy the report. My colleague on the other hand did not hesitate to do so because this was a part of her belief system.
I have been enlightened on the concepts of education and lifelong learning. I have realized the significance of a graduate degree and the learning that accompanies it. Today, people respect my view more than ever before. As a well-informed person my opinions are sought after.
DQ2: Please describe where you have experienced a professional team conflict Explain what happened and its resolution I prefer you share a situation where you did not like the outcome of the decision, what would you have done differently
We were a group of three people for our report. It required a lot of work and effort. We had distributed the work accordingly. However, one member of our group was just not cooperating. He(A) did not even bother to sit down and talk with us about the report. We were so bogged down by the work that we could not run after him. Therefore; we let him be and completed the work ourselves. So much so that he did not even accompany us when we had to conduct interviews of industry personnel. We were really angry at him but had no time to deal with him. At last, the report was ready. However, we did not put his name on the report. We felt that it was only fair since he had done no work. Because of this A failed the course! I feel that this situation could have been handled differently. We could have taken out time to force A to do some work for the report. As a team this was the least we could have done. What we did was a violation of team spirit. We should have counseled him, and tried to make him work by giving him logical reasons. It would have made things different!
DQ3: Describe the changes you have gone through while enrolled at the University of Phoenix
While at the University of Phoenix I have matured. I have begun to see the world in a totally different light. Before, my views and ideas were skewed. I used to have a one-track mind and would often jump to conclusions. Now, I have become enlightened. University of Phoenix has helped me develop as an individual. It has made me look at things with an open mind. To look at all perspectives and to be confident and positive about things. It has taught me to respect others for what they and accept them with their faults and drawbacks. It has made me understand that what is important is what I have given to the society and not what the society has given to me. Earlier, I used to see a university degree as a means of better financial achievement. It has taught me the value of education beyond a means of earning money. It has molded me into a confident and inquisitive young woman who is not scared of challenges. From someone who would barely ever question and was used to taking things at face value. It has helped in my overall development. It has harnessed my potential and made me reach new heights. It has impelled me aspire and dream!
SUMMARY paragraph based on answering the above questions and the class topics and courses completed for BS in marketing.
At University of Pheonix I have learnt the concepts of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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