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Medical Ethics: Moral Dilemma - Case Study Example

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In this hypothetical case the couple came to America to attend a wedding. Unfortunately, the wife underwent premature labor and gave birth to a child who needed a simple operation to live but upon further examination is also afflicted with Down's Syndrome…
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Medical Ethics: Moral Dilemma
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Download file to see previous pages why risk it Why Because as a medical practitioner you are obligated to protect and care for life Such hypocrisy-- giving life and yet making that child suffer for the rest of its life!
I want to do what is right. As a medical practitioner I took an oath to protect and care for life. I took this oath even before this incident. By its nature, an oath is a pledge that must be kept under all circumstances. If I do not operate, this is tantamount to negligent performance of my duty and I will be subjected to a medical malpractice suit. The foreign government who watches over the rights and well-being of their citizens will ensure that I answer for the death of one of their citizens. The OB/GYN physician would hold me accountable. He/She will tell the authorities of my negligence for fear that he/she too might be accused of the infant's death. The County Hospital will suspend me from practicing as it conducts a thorough investigation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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