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Consumption and Environment - Essay Example

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Human beings have been utilizing natural resources of earth quite blindly. The exploitative and unplanned consumption of natural resource base has been jeopardizing the availability of these resources for the next generations. Depletion of fossil mineral oil in an aggressive manner has been sabotaging the environment in different forms…
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Consumption and Environment
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Download file to see previous pages Human habitats are being plundered of their natural resources base. Air and water pollution is rampant in all industrialized cities of the world. PPM (particulate matter per cubic meter of air) is alarmingly high, and is no more fit for human breathing. The COD, BOD levels in fresh water streams are quite low for survival of plant and animal life in waters. The soils are being badly damaged by excessive cropping. The precious animal and plants species are endangered. The CO2 level in the atmosphere is alarmingly high. Results are the global warming and climate change.
Therefore unnecessary lust of a few people for consumption of food, clothes, fuel, energy and other scarcest resources has been resulting into poverty disease and death for many other fellow human beings. The rivers are gutted with filth, the air is laden with poisonous gases and soils are boiling with toxic materials. This situation is only due to greedily exploitation of forest, fossil fuels and food-based resources. The solution lies in finding the alternate resources that are cleaner in production, cheaper and efficient. Recycling projects are one of the solutions.
Recycling Project: The sea beaches are always littered with different foodstuffs and their containers. This is called garbage or solid waste. This waste can be collected, separated and recycled for further use.
The recycling project includes three main activities. Collection of organic wastes like wood, paper, food remains, plastic bottles, metal cans, glass, and bones. The collection needs proper gloves and storage containers. The separation includes, segregation of metal, glass, bones and food/paper stuff in separate containers. In this way you separate organic from inorganic waste.
The organic waste is put in an airtight container and mixed with yeast. After 90 days the stuff converts into manure (natural fertilizer) and the liquid part of this can be used as a pesticide. The organic wastes are crushed and used in the factories for recycling.
How is it connected to me I live an oil rich economy of a gulf state. Oil has become scarce fossil sources for exploitation. War on terror imposed by America on Iraq is in fact a desperate war for the oil resources in the gulf. This war has been doing more harm to the environment than any other factor. A lot of fossil oil has been burnt. Seas are filled with the oil spillage and fish have been dead. This is very cruel. I feel sorry to see the vast exploitation of these resources. A recycling project can save the environment. Vast beaches on the red sea are suitable for the recycling project.
How is it connected to my culture Bahrain is an oil rich economy, a small gulf state surrounded by red sea. People per capita income are quite high. Therefore their consumption patterns are also quite unreasonable People do not care about wastage of energy. The use cars and fuel base appliances excessively. This situation irks me a lot. I want to give the better shape to mother earth. Since child hood I see that people are spendthrift. This is causing degeneration to our water resources. This situation must be reversed. Recycling project can help this situation. This alternate solution of energy production is strange to my people. They can become used to it as they experience these windmills by themselves.
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Consumption and Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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