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Explain the View that Shopping Is about Both Lifestyle and Need - Essay Example

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Explain the view that shopping is about both lifestyle and need Plan A consumer society is a culture, in which the use and consumption of the goods and products is always considered to be a positive thing and is encouraged as well. The nature of the economy of any country is dependent and regulated by the buying trends or the spending habits of the people…
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Explain the View that Shopping Is about Both Lifestyle and Need
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Download file to see previous pages Since the economic structure is somewhat linked to the purchases, the population which would have a considerable amount of material wealth is needed to support the economic growth. In contrast to the earlier belief that the status of a person or a family can be predicted by the job he/she is engaged to, now the theory has some what changed to the parameters of shopping and consuming. Consumer societies are guided by the urge of progress, focus of material wealth etc. Introduction People tend to accumulate things and all these shopping, consuming habits and nature would reflect their society and is the measure of their well being. How they shop, what they buy would include not only the individual shopkeepers, but pretty large corporate giants as well. Consumer society is an indicative of the view that if non significant buying is stopped, probably that would restrict the economic growth also to an extent. When any economy becomes dependent on the consumption equation, the economy becomes somewhat directly proportion to the growth and capitalism this gives rise to consumerism. It has an economic, social and ethical effect of consumerism. It is a theory which states that greater the consumption of goods more is the benefit of the economy. The problem relating to consumerism and leading a lifestyle were not given importance to. Owing to consumerism, the huge consumption produces huge amount of waste, thus contributing to the rubbish society. U.K. has seen many recessions, in the time of recession, a credit crunch is developed which restricts the consumers to buy and shop way as it was done. But the economy has a tendency to regain and people restore the same consuming habits (Reflections on Material Lives MP3). Issue of sustainability of the environment is a long term problem. The use of the natural resources for making products and careless attitude towards what is happening to waste is a caution statement against disposability. If we don’t abide by the rule of consumerism, we have to pay the price in terms of environmental footprint. People should acknowledge this concept for a sustained development of an economy (Taylor, Hinchliffe, Clarke & Bromley, 2009). Consumerism culture – growth and trends Consumerism has given rise to the environmental footprint and over usage of ecological services, which is now the part and parcel of the 21st century. Though the ecological overshoot existed from about 1980, but now it’s been increasing geometrically. Nevertheless, there are measures or ways to eradicate this imbalance of nature by practicing usage of more renewable energy sources, decrease in population, so that the humanity to usage of ecological services can be minimized. Consumption is followed by removal, recycling of wastes and to see that energy can be derived by using the wastes properly. We need to develop ideas, concepts, and tastes to understand the implication of the same. The environmental movements are rising so as to bring the kind of awareness to protect the environment and more importantly minimizing the use of materialistic things. A change in value, perception and notion is brought about for the eradication of the guest commodity (Rubbish Societies MP3). China’s urge to implement a policy that much emphasizes on adopting the practices of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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