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Consumption and its effects on the environment - Essay Example

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The goal of this theme is to instill awareness on everyone so that the natural catastrophes that we are experiencing in many parts of the world can be prevented, or at least minimized.
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Consumption and its effects on the environment
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Extract of sample "Consumption and its effects on the environment"

Download file to see previous pages As members of a family under God, we have to be aware of the environmental decay that is going on because of so-called development. There are many adverse consequences we face because of our use, or abuse, of the environment, and one of these is global warming. Global warming is the biggest threat to our mother Earth and even to our own existence.

Our world has gone to the extreme, or, we have excelled in everything. We have invented so many things, we have built wonders and huge structures and buildings never before imagined, and yet we have abandoned proper care for the resources to which we owed our inventions and creations.

It is time everyone must be involved in fighting abuse of our environment. Students, artists, workers and everyone should encourage awareness of the environment through art or writing, in school and in our homes.

Floods, typhoons, the "el nio" and "la nia" phenomena, global warming, and many other natural calamities are caused by indiscriminate cutting of trees, disposal of garbage and waste, chemicals, factories, and many things.

The theme "Consumption and its effects on the environment" can have a broad meaning, but consumption and environment go together. We use our environment, our natural resources for our daily living.
can not survive if we don’t make use of the things around us for food, shelter, clothing, and everything for our survival. There is one very interesting about the environment and that is if we know how to take care of it, it replaces itself. Our environment or natural resources do not just disappear from us without a cause, it has the means to multiply. We only have to help in replacing what we have consumed, and not be a tool for its extinction.
"Consuming" means taking or possessing, but it doesn't mean throwing away after possessing, and in the process of throwing, we destroy. If we have to throw away because we don't want them anymore, we have to be responsible in disposing of the materials used. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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