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Being effective means to come up with results which are powerful or correct while being efficient means coming up with results with little wasted energy or effort. Effectiveness involves coming up with results quickly. This means that, when effectiveness is achieved, it does not mean that efficiency is also achieved…
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Regulatory Processes and Administrative Law
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Running Head: REGULATORY PROCESSES AND ADMINISTRATIVE LAW Regulatory Processes and Administrative Law College

Being effective means to come up with results which are powerful or correct while being efficient means coming up with results with little wasted energy or effort. Effectiveness involves coming up with results quickly. This means that, when effectiveness is achieved, it does not mean that efficiency is also achieved. Effectiveness thus means achievement of goals that are in line with one's mission and vision. Leadership evaluation provides information about leaders so as to be able to improve leadership practices and also give information for the purposes of accountability. The two can be said as doing the right thing and doing things the right way. Efficiency is doing things the right way while effectiveness is doing the right thing (Sathorn, 2008).
In leadership evaluation, both effectiveness and efficiency are of much importance. Effectiveness means that, the goal for the evaluation will eventually be met. Without considering efficiency in this case, it means that, although the goal will be achieved, there might be wastage or in other words wastage of unnecessary energy or effort in achieving this goal. Efficiency on the other hand means that the job will be done with minimal wastage of effort but the main goal might not be achieved (Sathorn, 2008).
Effectiveness is important in any activity that seeks to achieve a certain goal. Being effective while carrying out an activity means that the effort put in place will eventually lead to the achievement of the goal. In the case of leadership evaluation, the same is very important. When the evaluation process is effective, it means that the goal for the evaluation is achieved. Effectiveness is important as it means that the right resources will be used in the process and there will be no over-use of resources or in other words there will not be wastage. It also means that the process will be completed fast as effectiveness also considers time. Looking at the two, they sound very important in leadership evaluation but effectiveness sounds more important as what is important is eventually to achieve the goal whether there is wastage of effort or not. According to me, efficiency is important but it comes after effectiveness. This means that, one should be sure of effectiveness then start worrying about efficiency after that.
Efficiency refers to doing things right while effectiveness is doing the right thing. With efficiency, there is the problem that one can do something the right way but the thing might turn out to be the wrong thing. Imagine of such a situation where something is done the right way only to find out that it was not the right thing to do. This is why it is important to first make sure that the right thing is being done even before of thinking of the way it will be done (Sathorn, 2008).
It is thus important to note that both effectiveness and efficiency are very important in leadership evaluation but again, effectiveness should be considered more as this will ensure that the right thing is being done. The two are in most cases confusing. It is however very useless to do with great efficiency something that should not be done at all. It good to first identify an area or a right action then apply effectiveness on it. This means that effectiveness will be achieved as it is what is most important and efficiency can also be seen.

Sathorn, C. (2008). Effectiveness and efficiency: systematic reflections on single and multiple visit root canal treatment. University of Melbourne. Read More
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