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Are Cheaters and The 5th Wheel obscene television shows and should be fined if not prohibited from airing - Essay Example

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Are Cheaters and The 5th Wheel obscene television shows and should be fined if not prohibited from airing Media has different forms and it is usually used to give or provide information and entertain. It can also be a venue to open new topics for discussion or to give enlightenment to any controversy…
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Are Cheaters and The 5th Wheel obscene television shows and should be fined if not prohibited from airing
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Download file to see previous pages With the sudden rise in popularity of reality television shows, many business moguls have ventured into this industry which has given American television channels a lot of shows to choose from; and many of these channels are showing shows which literally lack value either politically or scientifically. This paper aims to focus on television media, particularly looking into the reality television shows Cheaters and The 5th Wheel, and identify whether the shows are offensive, indecent, inappropriate, violent and meaningless. In so doing, this paper would also present a five-point plan on how to handle the violations that these shows have in the areas of language, script and over-all impact on the general viewing public. To be able to do this, a brief description of how the shows are done to have an idea what it is.
The 5th Wheel is a reality television show about blind dating. Many viewers view it as an "augmented version" of the Blind Date. Only that in this show there will be four strangers, two of which are males and the other two are females, and they all would get together on a date to see who 'gels' well with whom. At the onset of the show, a guy and a girl will be partnered together to spend sometime to get to know each other. The same thing happens to the second couple. After which, the guys would exchange girls and try to spend sometime with the new girl. In the middle of this 'getting to know' each other stage, another girl (or guy) comes in to charm the guys away from the girls. Meaning, the guys now have three girls to choose from. This situation seems to be innocently normal, as all people experience blind dating and enjoy it. The only problem is that, the girls don't only wear super 'revealing clothes' (although some would dress up like a mummy) they would also end up kissing the guy 'intimately' on national television, plus the fact that the show has a 15-minute room where a guy and a girl comes in either to talk or get really intimate with each other. Kissing is a natural phenomenon and it is a beautiful thing; but kissing and petting on national television is another story.
Cheaters is another reality television show about couples in which either the guy or the girl is cheating on the other. The set-up is like an investigation where in the cheating partner is tracked and videoed without his or her knowledge. Couples could either be seriously dating, divorced or married. We all know that this is a very private matter and doing your dirty laundry on national t.v. only sends one message - that nothing stays private and sacred anymore. After all the stalking and video recording, all information gathered are then shown to the 'crying victim of infidelity'; after which confrontation takes place, with all cast and crew: the couple, the third party, the host of the show and the camera men with the other crew members, not to mention the millions of viewers watching. During the confrontation, all obscenities are said as a result of anger and embarrassment. Just imagine how humiliating and embarrassing the situation is. The show is aired to encourage people to renew their temperance and virtue and it is also said that this show is dedicated to the faithful couples. Well, the goal is good but the effect is not. Marital or relationship problems such as this one happens everyday. Although it is not a good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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