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An assault has occurred in the local bar and upon reaching the spot and investigating, it has come to light that three males have been involved in the whole assault. The three of them were found injured, with one being tended to by the ambulance and medical professionals…
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CROWN BRIEF SYNOPSIS police foundations program english
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R.Preeti 20 2008 CROWN BRIEF SYNOPSIS An assault has occurred in the local bar and upon reaching the spot and investigating, it has come to light that three males have been involved in the whole assault. The three of them were found injured, with one being tended to by the ambulance and medical professionals. The other two males had been left bruised with cuts on their right hand knuckles. The former victim had a cut on his forehead. This is the observation on first sight and an account of the injuries that have been caused. It is imperative to notice that a broken beer bottle was found near the foot of the third injured male.
As an investigative measure, the statements of four witnesses were taken. The four witnesses did show some variance in terms of their eye-witness accounts. The first witness said that the first male victim had been assaulted by the latter two, when he tried to assault them by using weapon, which was a small knife. The second witness sided the first one, almost echoing the same version. He also added that the first victim had provoked the other two victims who were drinking beer. The third witness said that he had seen t he first victim using his knife and cutting the knuckles of the latter two, while one of the other victims had broken the beer bottle on his head. The last witness, however, changed the story and said that he had not seen the first victim carrying any weapon or provoking the other victims.
By assessing the common witness statements given, one can conclude that the first victim had indeed provoked the other two, who had, in a bid to safeguard their lives, assaulted the first victim. In accordance to the Canadian Criminal Code, it si stated that an assault is justified if the assaulter had been provoked by the victim, and had done so in an attempt to save his life or to protect himself from sustaining grave injuries.
Even though t he statement fo the victim is pending, one can certainly conclude from witnesses' statements that it is but inevitable for the latter two victims to do anything other than using what they possesses in immediacy---the beer bottle. Therefore, it is recommended that the first victim be imprisoned for fifteen months, up to a maximum of eighteen months, as per the criminal code. The latter two could be charged monetarily.
It is very important for t he judicial set up to eye this case as a threat to public security and safety, since individuals with weapons on the sprawl can threaten the very trust of the public on the judicial and security system. Therefore, it is important to establish public trust and security.
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