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Over the years, public sensitivity to unethical behaviours has increased. There is a growing sense of ethical norms among customers, suppliers, companies and employees. The standards have been raised, inspiring transparency and equality in the workplace.
This ethics audit is directed to the German-based company, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, one of the world's leading airlines…
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, the study seeks to identify actual implementations of the said ethical policies to personnel of all levels.
The methodology used was primary research through Lufthansa's official website,, as well as news articles involving the company. Secondary research on business ethics practices online and in school libraries were also conducted. During the course of the research, several limitations were encountered: direct interview with company officials and employees due to inaccessibility.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a globally operating aviation group with around 400 companies and subsidiaries. It is active in five (until the end of 2006, six) business segments. Passenger Transportation is the Group's core business activity. Logistics, MRO, IT Services, Catering and Leisure Travel are further segments of the group. The Leisure Travel segment is due for disposal according to the supervisory board decision on 7 March 2007 and after approval of the competition commission.Annual average Group employee numbers were 93,541. The Group generated around EUR 19.8bn in revenue ("Portrait")."
Lufthansa is a publicly traded company. As such, it is under the scrutiny of the German government. "It operates with the customary two-tier management system in Germany comprising an Executive and a Supervisory Board. The Executive Board is independently responsible for company management. The Supervisory Board appoints, supervises and advises the Executive Board ("Corporate Governance at Lufthansa")." This two-pronged approach checks and balances senior and junior managers. It encourages transparency in the workplace; effecting self-regulation by decentralizing power that could lead to collusions and unethical practices.
Staff & Welfare
In its quest to offer competitive remuneration, permanent jobs and attractive working conditions, the company has implemented a wide range of career-development measures such as trainings and an integrated study/work courses. "Each year Lufthansa invests around 300m in training measures for their employees. The Lufthansa Group offers over 40 different vocational courses with a technical, commercial or information technology focus. Another growing field is eLearning. Last year around 450 different learning programmes with a total of 1,762 teaching hours were in use at Lufthansa ("Employees")." Lufthansa employs people from all over the world, seeing opportunities in diversity. It provides in-house medical service for staff in handling health and safety issues.
Governance Code
International standards on Corporate Governance have been developed in recent years with primary focus on protecting the interests of the shareholders. The Corporate Governance Code was developed by the German Commission in February 2002 "to make the Corporate Governance System transparent and comprehensible. The code recommends clear and transparent presentation of a company and its business development, establishment of structures and processes which lead to proper and responsible management, administration and supervision. Such increases the trust of the investors and other providers of capital ("In General")."
Since 2002 up to present, Lufthansa has been complying with the code in full, amending the Articles of Association to reflect relevant regulations. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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