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Complex Systems and Decision Making - Research Proposal Example

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Modern societies are greatly dependent on electricity, businesses, telecommunications and majority of services that deliver complex technical systems. Technical infrastructure which is well functioning is significant for people's economic welfare, national security and everyday life; therefore, high quality service is expected from the electric grid…
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Complex Systems and Decision Making
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Extract of sample "Complex Systems and Decision Making"

Download file to see previous pages Other than weather, complex power transmission networks have been noted as the main reason electric power interruptions (Landstedt and Holmstrm, 2007; p 7).
Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) according to Pandey (2008) is one that technology allows the industries to enhance the utilization of existing transmission, generation reserves as well as of power system performance; through a system that is more flexible and one which increase stability margins. On the other hand, the High Voltage Direct Current or HVDC is another technology particularly for long distance electricity transmission using submarine cables or overhead transmission lines (Ngamroo, 2004).
The investigation will employ a highly controlled experimental design to examine use of both the HVDC and FACTS controllers in enhancing and/or stabilizing as well as strengthening the electrical power security in a power network. ...
4. To determine the benefits of adopting HVDC and FACTS controller in enhancement of power network systems
5. To determine the sustainability of HVDC and FACTS controller applications in enhancement of power network systems

Problem Statement
The investigation examines the use of both the HVDC and FACTS controllers to stabilize electrical power security in power network and will further respond to the following research questions:

Your name here 3
1. What is the efficiency of power security in electrical network systems through the use of HVDC and FACTS controllers in terms of::
a. Network stability
b. Reactive Power Loss
c. Current Carrying Capacity
2. How reliable are HVDC and FACTS controller in enhancement of power network systems
3. What are the costs and benefits of adopting HVDC and FACTS controller in enhancing
the power network systems
4. How sustainable would HVDC and FACTS controller applications in enhancement
of power network systems

The investigation will employ a highly controlled experimental design to examine use of both the HVDC and FACTS controllers in enhancing and/or stabilizing as well as strengthening the electrical power security in a power network. It will explore also other possible development of methodologies to find the suitable installation locations, correct size, and other pertinent information regarding the research variable with emphasis on a power system, especially in competitive electricity market.

This research hopes to design a project that will involve connections of inside utilities' in one's own territories that extend to an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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