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Consumer Protection - Essay Example

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Consumer protection is critical in upholding the rights of consumers while they indulge in business transactions. This paper evaluates whether the Sales of Goods Act can protect the interest of consumers in case of unfair business practises, keeping in perspective a hypothetical scenario involving an American businessman engaged in a lawsuit vs the Government of Brunei for compensation following an unfair business deal transacted in Brunei…
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Consumer Protection
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Download file to see previous pages There were also certain ambiguities related to the actual people accountable for the faulty transaction. Hence, the author stresses on the need for stringent laws to protect the consumers' interests in business transactions. In addition, there appears to be an urgent need for a watchdog which would ensure that all laws are adhered to, in turn facilitating fair business practises.
In the language of ecology, consumers are defined as those organisms who survive by depending on others around them (Consumer, AbNature, n.d.). This dependence could be for any day to day necessity, which they themselves are incapable of producing. And there are instances when triggered by the acute need of the consumer, this dependence on the producer has transformed into a form of exploitation, thus giving a freehand to the producers to make a kill. This definition and example might seem a little far fetched at the moment, but surprisingly both are in a way applicable in our day to day lives.
There appears to be no end to our needs - material or spiritual and there are providers for all our needs. From the time we wake up each morning till the time we go back to sleep, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, all of us tend to depend on one fellow human being or other for various reasons - hence, in a sense of speaking we all are consumers. Till the time all transactions happen in good faith and to the satisfaction to all parties involved, the world is a dreamland! However, the problem arises when the transactions do not happen in the true sense of fair practises. And considering that there are so many transactions happening, the possibility of exploitation cannot be ruled out.
So, if we agree that we have advertently or inadvertently involved ourselves in one business transaction or the other, there have been at least one or two instances in our lives when we have felt that we as consumers have been given an unfair deal by the providers/salesman and the deal has not been concluded in the manner it should have been; in other words, our rights as customers have been infringed. The deal could be anything ranging from sale of faulty products, refusal to replace faulty products, unsatisfactory post-sales maintenance to poor service. And most often than not, in spite of continuous follow ups we have failed to get our issues addressed or resolved and the inconvenience compensated.
Consumer protection is the current buzz word worldwide. There has been an increased awareness about the enormity of this need and there has been an increase in awareness among customers about their rights. Policies are being formulated, traders practising their trade unfairly are being implicated and there is a worldwide movement towards ensuring that the consumers get their due in all business transactions. However, in the absence of clear directions, policies and guidance on the grievance redressal systems, it is not always that the consumer is protected from unfair business practises.

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The need for consumer protection persists worldwide and it is no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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