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Hitler's Mein Kampf - Essay Example

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In 1923, Hitler and his followers planned a military coup. They marched towards the Bavarian War Ministry to overthrow the government and, during the riots that ensued, 16 of his party members were killed. He managed to escape, only to be arrested the following day accused of high treason…
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Hitlers Mein Kampf
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Extract of sample "Hitler's Mein Kampf"

Download file to see previous pages It later became part of Hitler's propaganda, a psychologically powerful technique used to draw support from and control the behavior of the "irrational" masses.
In his view of society, Hitler puts the Aryan race at the top of the human ladder, branding them as the "master" or superior race. The Aryan culture is described as enlightened, since he maintains that this ethnic group is the source of all genius, knowledge and cultural and scientific development. As "culture-founders", the Aryans are responsible for or have influence over the development of other cultures; Aryans are referred to as "the founders of mankind".
Other races are referred to as "lesser" or inferior races. As such, their cultures are not dominant, original or unique, simply a mere imitation of Aryan culture (the core) with external features or characteristics (the execution) that are particular to that other race. Therefore, other races are referred to as "culture-bearers": the creativity, inspiration and originality of their culture is due to foreign influences and, when the original creative race nucleus (the cultural driving force) is lost, culture stiffens, cultural development stops and, according to his own words, "darkness will again fall upon the earth [] and the world would turn into a desert." 2
Hitler also describes Aryan supremacy as "fate". ...
He states that Aryans, as the master race, cannot avoid their role as supporters or developers of other human cultures since leadership is part of their genetic makeup. In this statement he implies some form of "divine" intervention, the influence of some external force that has chosen Aryans as the supreme race to rule the world.
Interestingly, Hitler admits the crucial role that other races play in cultural and scientific development. While Aryans' special abilities make them adapt to all conditions and drive development forward, the presence of other races is instrumental in this development as human auxiliary forces, as part of the machinery. Without the help of the lesser men, Aryans would never have been able to achieve this higher culture. Inferior people, like animals, replace the lack of technical means. Similarly to animals, lesser races need to be tamed and trained to complete certain tasks, which in turn allows Aryans to develop techniques and procedures that substitute or replace them. He concludes that, once the lesser races have fulfilled their role and are no longer required, they can be eliminated, they may "go".
In this view of culture and society, Hitler places other races and their contribution below those of animals. He explains that lesser people fulfilled their role as "forces" before animals did for the development of the first culture known to man.
However, in their role as masters and propagators of culture, Aryans made one error: they spared the lives of those individuals they had enslaved and gave them a better fate than the rest of the subjects from his pack, they gave them "freedom". However, the subjected inferior races began to rise as they approached their masters linguistically and intellectually and the differences ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hitler'S Mein Kampf Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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